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3 Speed Heavy Duty Tuff Tape 35m



Brief Overview

Designed for miners, the TUFFTAPE is the most commonly used measuring tape. The 12mm wide ribbon is printed both sides with easy to read two-tone black and red markings on a non-reflective white background. The numbering is specifically designed to be read ‘upside down’ and from a distance of up to 4m. Made from a transparent abrasive resistant extrusion that is 50% thicker than other leading brands, the TUFFTAPE is designed to last around oils and chemicals commonly found in the explosives industry. 

The reel is made from a high quality impact resistant plastic and has a 3 speed gearbox for winding up. Available in 35m and 65m reels as well as naked ribbons.


  • Glass Fiber core
  • 12mm wide with 8mm bold markings
  • Low stretch ~1%
  • Extremely lightweight and durable
  • Resistant to Ammonium Nitrate, Diesel Oil and Emulsions
  • UV Stable

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