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Discoverer® Core Tray Series 1

The premium Discoverer ® Core Tray / Box has been proven in the field since 1993 and is now used by many of the world’s leading mining companies. This innovative range has been designed and engineered for ease of use, safety in the field and to withstand the harshest climates from sub-zero conditions to extreme heat. Manufactured in Australia to exacting standards to give you the ultimate in core storage

Built in Handles  Built in handles on both ends of the tray provide safe and easy use when handling

Custom Made Lids  Custom made Discoverer ® Lids to further protect your core

Clip In Core Markers Clip in Core Markers designed to optimise use of the tray. Colour coded to match trays. The top surface is etched, allowing you to record notes

Full depth channel Full depth channel height ensures the core sits below the ribbing which creates greater stability when stacking

Bold start indicator Bold start indicator gives clarity to drillers reducing potential errors when logging the core

Drainage holes Drainage holes at both ends assists the core to dry quickly and minimise the likelihood of water freezing inside the box

Built in ID Tag  Built in ID Tag area for optional aluminium tags which provide a permanent record of contents

Strapping Slots  Strapping Slots ensure greater stability when palletised