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Core Tray Racking - Side or End Loading Modules



Brief Overview

Dynamics G-Ex manufacture permanent core tray storage racks to suit any type of tray, plastic or metal, and even in any custom size to suit the size of your current core trays! Nothing is impossible, and most likely we have achieved a excellent solution now to most of the types of core trays found in the field and on most mine sites.

The racks can also be manufacturer to hold the core tray sideways (side-loading or Widest Edge Leading) or endways (End Loading or Narrowest Edge leading). These factors will depend on the type of tray you currently use. Nowadays, for most plastic core trays the most suitable solution is an end loading racking system. Why? If you are loading plastic core trays into a 'side-loading' racking system, due to the natural properties of plastic, over time the plastic will tend to 'sag' in the middle with the weight and the 'length span' being factors. However, due to a smaller span in an 'end-loading' racking system the racking will support the plastic core tray, and will become overall more stable and a better long-term solution.

Dynamics nominal rack sizes are 760mm Wide x 1980mm high, however a lot of the racks we manufacture are custom built to specification.

Contact Dynamics Expert team with your requirements, and we will take into account both your application and budget, and then proceed to manufacture to the high standards that we are known for in the industry.

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