Monitor & Organize Your Coreshed Efficiently.

Say goodbye to manual trackers or whiteboards with messy handwriting. CoreTrak™ helps you transition to an online dashboard that helps you organize data in one place so your team can be on top of things, and have more free time to do meaningful work in the field.

CoreTrak Dashboard

Coreshed Backlogs are Costing you Time and Money

Relying on manual ways to track and monitor your post drilling activities make it difficult to share data to the team in real time causing bottlenecks, delays and missed deadlines. Making use of whiteboards and excel sheets to track core shed activities is inefficient and slow.

Core tracking whiteboard
CoreTrak Dashboard

CoreTrak™ is an online core logging dashboard to give you real-time data that will help your team process, log, & cut core faster than ever.

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CoreTrak insights

CoreTrak™ gives you real-time visibility of your coreshed activities wherever you are.

  • Use data to gain insight and identify bottlenecks
  • Increased throughput by up to 35%
  • Better management of your core shed
CoreTrak dashboard

Streamlined Workflow

= More time for Exploration

& Discoveries

Make your team more productive by keeping everyone updated on the status of your projects. Process, log, & cut core even faster.

Fully Customizable
The Dashboard can be fully customised to suit your individual site requirements.
Effortless sharing
Live information fed to the exploration team anywhere with an internet connection.
100% Data Security
Data is kept in a secure cloud database with mature API’s.
Free of charge
If you are already purchasing Discoverer Core Trays.

Ready to optimize your core shed management?

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