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Corewise Single Phase Automatic Core Saw



Brief Description

Dynamics G-Ex have major dealer distributor rights to the Corewise Automatic range of Core Saws. We distribute into New Zealand, PNG, Africa and the whole of the Oceania Pacific region.

The Single Phase core saw is designed for smaller exploration programs, where only smaller amounts of core need to be cut, but where operator safety is a priority and manual core saws aren’t suitable to the end user. The 3 Phase Saw will typically cut 5-6 times faster than the Single Phase Saw, simple due to the power of the saw, the 3 Phase being 7.5Kw and the Single phase drawing from 2.2kw’s.

The new design of Patented Automatic Core Saws, boast the safest market choice for all your core cutting. In a safety driven market, there is no room for accidents, which is why we recommend you keep your core saw operators safe with the right core saw.

Designed and built in Australia, Corewise Automatic Core Saws are constructed from Galvanised and Stainless steel, with all internal bolts being Stainless steel. These new models now have Aluminium composite sheet panelling, which stopes vibration and reducing noise levels. The new designs also boast a specialised system ensuring that they can never jam, whether in forward or reverse mode, and is fitted with Dynamic breaking! Fitted to the core saw is a proximity sensor which automatically cuts the power when body parts come within the blade area or when the blade housing is lifted.

The new design LCD screen constantly monitors both motors while operating, so that screen will advise the saw operator on correct feed speed for different hardness of core! The Operator can now set feed rates from LCD screen so access to control box is not required – Safety which older machines just can’t offer! Our saw gives you a new feed system, with no feed lugs, and allows operators to instantly feed core without having to wait for pushers – So again we can increasing productivity without compromising safety

Our upgraded models have new blade shaft assembly, and upgraded components, meaning all round maintenance is reduced significantly – You gain and save.


Other Spectacularly safe features include;

  • Adjustable anti vibration feet
  • External Grease points for easy access.
  • For added safety, all control buttons are fitted away from wet areas
  • All spare parts are cheaper than previous models by at least 100 %
  • New 110mm gully insures core guides will never ride up during operation.
  • The only saw in the world that will accept BQ,NQ,HQ & PQ core on the same v core guide
  • The only saw that will take a PQ core guide with lids
  • Corewise Automatic Single Phase Core Saw. Comes with a 300mm Blade, 3 Core V Guides, and N2 & H Broken Core Guides

And even when you need to cut 4C Core, Dynamics can offer that same solution, with all the unique benefits for these applications.


With Dynamics Automatic Core Saws – you’ll be safe.


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