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Glockemann Water Powered Water Pump



Brief Overview:
Revolutionary technology which for the first time allows pumping of water using very low supply heads - 0.6 metre supply gives 1,300 litres per day to a head of 50 metres.

This Australian designed product uses the energy of water falling only a short distance to power a diaphragm piston pump. The Glockemann Water Pump is highly efficient, runs silently, simple to operate and maintain, even for non technical users. Manufactured from cast iron and stainless steel, the ‘Glockemann’ is built to last a lifetime under the toughest conditions.

Water Powered - needs no petrol or electricity, just a creek or stream.

Low supply head - as low as 0.5 metre.

High Delivery heads - up to 200 metres or more.

Quiet - no mechanical noises - no metal to metal action.

Runs Reliably - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with no attention.

Built to Withstand Heavy Flooding

Requires Minimal Maintenance

Versatile - no need for straight drive tubes – use 45

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