How would you like zero risk to you as a Geologist or Fieldie?

You could buy what you wanted, in any quantity, any time and if it ever failed or you simply didn’t need it anymore you could get it replaced or return it easy as pie.


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Lifetime Warranty

For your complete peace of mind you can trust Dynamics Lifetime Warranty on the products you expect to last a Lifetime!

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3 Simple Steps


On the products you expect to last a Lifetime, you can be guaranteed a Lifetime Warranty.


Lifetime Warranty means that if the product fails to do the job it’s expected to perform it’s repaired, replaced or refunded. Simple.


Call, Email or Live Chat your Customer Happiness Team contact, whichever you find easiest, and let us make it happen.

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Lifetime Returns

Now imagine if you could buy as much products as you like, and remove the risk of running out of consumables? If you’ve ordered excess why should you be penalised? How about a Lifetime Returns policy? Simply send back any unused, no longer needed products for a full credit refund. Serious.

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3 Simple Steps


Impress your superiors with how calmly you can produce the goods they need, however big a drill program they drop on you last minute. It always happens.

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Drill project done and dusted, now ship back anything that’s unused & not needed for full credit refund. No return time frames apply.


Call, Email or Live Chat your Customer Happiness Team contact, whichever you find easiest, and let us make it happen.

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Repaired, Replaced or Returned. For You, For Life.


What’s the procedure for a return or exchange?

Email, Live Chat or call 1800 105 584 with your order number and invoice number to receive your return tracking form.

Identify the goods you are sending back by sending a picture of the goods to our team
(phone image is fine).

If the item is defective or damaged in shipping, we will issue a pre-paid return shipping label.

If you believe your goods were damaged in transit, we require that you contact us within 5 days of delivery, and we will work with you to quickly resolve the issue.

In what condition do I send my goods back?

Any unused products in clean, resellable condition should safely secured on a pallet or packed into
the original or other sturdy box. Any products with an expiry date must have at least 6 months in-date left at time of return. The guarantee covers the product only, and does not cover other labour costs that may be involved. If in doubt, give us a shout.

Print off and include the Return Tracking form with the goods so the warehouse can trace the goods and a credit note can be applied to your account as quickly as possible.

Do I have a limited time frame in which the return or exchange can be completed?

No, it’s a Lifetime Return policy that means there’s no time frame on how long after you bought
the goods you return them. If it’s 10 years then so be it!

What happens with the return shipping?

Most mine sites have a designated, preferred logistics company so please use this service to return the goods to the Dynamics branch from which they were originally collected. We’ll advise you when
the shipment arrives back at Dynamics and the credit is applied.

If however you do not have a designated freight provider, we can organise freight and the cost can be allocated against the credit note raised for the returned goods.

Which products are covered by Lifetime Warranty?

The products which are covered will display the Lifetime Warranty logo on that product.

Typically these are the Discoverer range of products that Dynamics manufacture. Core Trays, Chip Trays, Kenometers, Core Photography Stations.

We hope other manufacturers products that we distribute catch our trend and come on board over time!

Which products are covered by Lifetime Returns?

All standard stock products displaying the Lifetime Returns logo are covered in the Dynamics range.

Anything that Dynamics doesn’t stock or display this logo on the website is considered
a ‘Special Order In’ item.

Due to us specially ordering the goods in for you we can’t take this back and restock the special products.