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Magnetic Susceptibility & Conductivity Dual Meter KT-10 Plus S/C



Brief Overview

Dynamics G-Ex is pleased to announce that the KT-10R Plus S/C Magnetic Susceptibility/Conductivity Meter with rectangular coil is available, in addition to the KT-10 Plus S/C with circular coil. Both configurations allow users to simultaneously measure the magnetic susceptibility and conductivity of rock samples or drill cores. Both configurations are also equipped with a host of features that include an extended magnetic susceptibility measurement range, the ability to present users with an iron ore concentration estimate, input depth correlation information and a correction for split and full cores.
Four Instruments in One
The KT-10 Plus S/C and KT-10R Plus S/C are four-in-one instruments that can be used in the following configurations:
 - Magnetic susceptibility only (like a KT-10 v2)
 - Direct iron concentration measurement estimates (like a KT-10 Plus v2)
 - Conductivity only (like a KT-10 C)
 - Magnetic susceptibility and conductivity simultaneously

Coil configurations:

The KT-10 Plus S/C is now available in two different coil configurations: the KT-10R Plus S/C with Rectangular Coil or the standard KT-10 Plus S/C with Circular Coil. The rectangular coil is beneficial for measuring core samples with small diameters as they do not need to be removed from the core box for measurement. The circular and rectangular coils are not interchangeable.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Data Memory:                          4GB up to 4,000 Total Records Stored
  • Sensitivity:                              
    • Susceptibility                1 x 10-6 SI Units
    • Conductivity                  1 S/m
  • Measurement Range:           
    • Susceptibility               0.001 x 10-3 to 9999.999 x 10-3 SI Units (10 SI Units)
    • Conductivity                 1 to 100,000 S/m
  • Operating Frequency:           10kHz
  • Measurement Frequency:    20 times per second
  • Display:                                     High Contrast LCD Graphic Display with 104 x 88 Pixels
  • Control:                                     1 button with up/down function
  • Data Output/Input:                  USB and Bluetooth (GPS/Phone pairing)
  • Power Supply:                         2 AA Alkaline Batteries or 2 optional AA Rechargable batteries
  • Battery Life:                             Up to 3,000 readings without voice recorder
  • Operating Temperature:        - 20

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