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Makita Petrol PVC Pipe Collar Cutter 21cc


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Brief Overview:

The Makita bent shaft petrol PVC collar cutter is a revolutionary way of cutting off the top section of waste PVC piping from your drill hole. With this new generation of PVC down-hole pipe cutting now available, it’s now respected as an alternative to the old manual collar cutter, making rehabilitation of drill holes much more quick and easy. The Diamond Blade PVC Drill Collar Cutter was designed to aid with the secure plugging of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) collared drill holes below ground level.

The Drill Collar Cutter blade is inserted into the PVC lined drill hole to a depth of approximately 400mm below surface, where the collar is then cut. The excess collar remaining above the cut is then removed. The concrete or plastic conical hole plug is then inserted into the hole to obtain a snug fit against the cut PVC collar, and the hole is then backfilled with low permeability material, which provides an additional plug. The backfilled material is mounded above the drill hole to prevent water ponding in the area of the drill hole.



  • Easy to use
  • Fast operation technique
  • Lightweight for Transport



Engine: 22cc, 0.73kW
Fuel tank capacity: 0.5L
Shaft tank: Straight
Weight: 4.2kg

Blade Dimension: 4 inch (100mm)

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