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Mediumweight Plastic Pallets SWL - 700kg



Brief Overview

Our Clients don't purchase plastic pallets because the initial cost is lower, but because the long-term benefits outweight the short-term cost. However, this does depend on your application, and if the benefits of plastic pallets aren't applicable to you then Dynamics G-Ex manufacture most styles of wooden pallets too! The Choice is yours, but a few benefits are outlaid below to make your decision easier.

Features & Benefits

Size: 1140 x 1140 x 120mm

Easy to Handle

  • Only weight 7.7kg, big savings in shipping costs.
  • No nails or splinters
  • Passes all export regulations - ISPM-15 compliant


  • No heat or fumigation treatment required
  • No bureaucratic issues with export documentation
  • Time Saving
  • Acceptable to all import authorities


  • Load retaining edge lip on four edges
  • Two tunnels to allow strapping from all four sides
  • Four stretch wrapping points

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