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Plastic Discoverer 1 Core Trays/Boxes Size HQ




The 'Discoverer®' range of core trays/core boxes includes a model that truly 'stacks and nests', a first for the industry.  This unique feature means that the trays can nest neatly inside of each other when being shipped empty, leading to significant savings in freight, yet when filled with core they simply stack on top of each other without the tray above touching the core in the tray below.  This unique 'stacking and nesting' feature has been attempted before, but has never been successfully achieved.


  • Built in Handles on both ends of the trays provide safe and easy use when handling.
  • Full Depth Channel height ensures the core sits below the ribbing, giving greater stability when stacking.
  • Drainage holes throughout, helping your core to dry out and to remain stored in premium condition.
  • Built in ID Tag area and optional Tags provide for a permanent record of contents.
  • Strapping Slots ensure greater stability when palletised.
  • Manufactured from the highest UV stabilized polypropylene available, giving excellent longevity, durability and peace of mind.
  • The trays are colour coded, allowing for quick and easy identification of the different sizes both in storage and out in the field.

 Product Dimensions & Weights:

Length: 1065mm
Width: 385mm
Height: 84mm
Diameter: 65mm
Core Capacity: 4 metres
Colour: Pastel Green
Weight: 2.3kgs (approx.)

Pallet Qty:
Truck 87 (approx.)
Standard Container 90(approx.)
High Cube Container 102(approx.)

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