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Promat Anti-Fatigue Safety Matting - Yellow Solid Edge 0.9m x 1.5m Mats



Brief Overview

For a cost effective, 'quality for money' mat made in China, the Solid Edge mat is your choice. However if the main focus is quality then check out the Chevron Edge Mats, Dynamics import these from USA rather then China, and are a premium quality anti-fatigue mat.

Dynamics G-Ex Anti-Fatigue matting has been proven to increase productivity by up to 50% and will leave employees feeling substantially less fatigued. Standing for long periods of time on hard floor surfaces is very uncomfortable and causes fatigue. Leg muscles become totally static and constricted as they work overtime to keep that person in an upright position.

Blood flow is greatly reduced causing pain and discomfort. In this situation the employees' heart is forced to work harder to pump blood through these constricted areas and their body begins to run out of energy. However, if a person is allowed to stand on an anti-fatigue mat, their muscles will subtly contract and expand as they adjust to the flexibility of the mat. The muscle movement increases blood-flow and increases the amount of oxygen reaching the heart, reducing fatigue.


Size:                                 0.9mW x 1.5mL
Type:                                Mat with Yellow Solid Edge
Manufacture Origin:         China

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