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RS-111 Handheld Gamma-ray Scintillometer



Brief Overview

The RS-111 Handy Scintillometer is a compact and lightweight hand-held gamma ray scintillometer for the geophysical industry.
It is easy to use with direct survey readout, audio output, full weather protection and is ideally suited for rapid surveying.


Features Include:

 Good sensitivity with 1.3cu in NaI/Tl crystal
 LCD display with maximum 19,999 cps
 Loud audio for eyes-free searching
 Display updates at 1/sec
 Audio sampling rate = 4/second for fast response
 Adjustable audio threshold
 Plastic protection boot
 Splashing water and dust resistant (IP66)
 Lightweight and well balanced (2.9 lbs)
 Fully automatic charger integrated in unit
 Supplied in Pelican case with molded insert Standard

 RS-111 Handy Scintillometer
 Protection Boot
 4 rechargeable batteries
 AC charger
 User manual
 Storm carrying case OPTIONS
 RS-111T with telescopic detector extension

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