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Superior Solid Leg Core Saw



Brief Overview

The best Australian-Made Core Saw available! Rips through Core!

The Superior II Saw is the perfect Core saw for applications where a heavy duty machine is required. The Superior II Saw has been designed for industrial use and therefore is best used when installed as part of a core shed or library. The Superior II also features an electric 3 Phase motor so there are no exhaust fumes to worry about when operating the machine in confined spaces. Add the optional V Core Holder to the machine for core cutting applications.

Engine Options:
The Superior II comes as a 3 phase core saw as standard, however it can be built with a Petrol Engine or Single Phase electrical based on your requirements.

Solid Frame construction out of 3mm laser cut profile leading to increased stability of the whole machine.
Conveyor cart with non-slip rubber and tilt-lock wheels meaning accurate and stable cut 
Water return channels meaning dry and clean area improving user's comfort
Fully protected blade support shaft leading to User's safety and bearings protection
Spring-loaded cutting head actioned by foot pedal or cutting handle resulting in better cutting quality leading to shock-free cutting, and good pressure control.
Crank controlled cutting depth adjustment and head locking device leading to accurate cutting depth adjustment and straight through cutting


Engine Options:
   - Single Phase        2.2kW 240V/15AMP (DYNOSS1PH)
   - 3 Phase                 3PH 5HP/4Kw (DYNOSS3PH)
   - Fuel                       5.5Hp Honda or 6Hp Robin (DYNOSSPET)
Dimensions                1800H x 650W x 1300Lmm
Blade Capacity:          350 - 500mm (14 - 20inch)
Max Cutting Depth:    210mm
Max Cutting Length:  490mm
Tool Speed RPM:        1440 min
Total Weight:               140Kg

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