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Suunto MC-2



Brief Overview

The Suunto MC-2 mirror compass has many features that make it outstanding in its class.
A standard feature is the gear-operated declination adjustment system which makes this compass excellent, for instance in areas with large magnetic variations. Another standard feature is the pendulum clinometer which can be used for the measurement of different slopes; slope of terrain, height measurement, free space over obstacles when assembling a CCTV-antenna, etc. The luminous bezel is available with azimuth (0-360 ) graduations with two-degree intervals. Parallax error can be eliminated by means of the clever arrangement of luminous points and color lines. This compass is designed for use in all compass zones. The MC-2 is a professional mirror compass for taking bearings and normal direction with adjustable declination correction scale. 


Global needle for worldwide use
Declination Adjustment
0-360 Compass Scale
Large sighting mirror - Doubles as signalling mirror
Additional sighting hole for superior accuracy
Ergonomic, luminous bezel ring
Baseplate with magnifying lens
Numerous map scales printed on baseplate
Rubber feet on baseplate for ease of use with maps
Detachable lanyard with snap lock
Size: 65mm x 101mm x 18mm
Weight: 74g


Suunto professional compasses are used by a great variety of people who require precise directional measurements. 
They include people who are often in the wilderness or mountain areas, on the sea or large lakes; geologists, surveyors, minors, architects, fire-fighters and rescue patrols, as well as a antenna technicians who find these instruments very useful as well.

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