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Suunto Tandem 360PC/360R International Clinometer and Compass Combination Unit



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Suunto Tandem 360PC/360R International Hand-Held Compass/Clinometer

The Suunto Tandem hand-held precision compass/clinometer instrument is used all over the world by geologists, surveyors, engineers, miners, architects, antenna installation technicians and many others to measure bearings quickly, reliably and easily.

The Suunto Tandem combines a liquid damped precision compass and clinometer in one compact, rugged aluminium housing that protects against impact, corrosion, and water. Clinometer scale is graduated in percent and degree (0-90°, 0-150%); compass scale is in azimuth (0-360°). The compass is graduated in 1/2° increments, and the clinometer is graduated in 1°/1% increments. Both the compass and clinometer are individually calibrated. There are engraved inch scale, cotangent and cosine tables to 45° on the back. Also included is a threaded tripod socket.  Includes carrying case and lanyard.

If you require the option of declination adjustment (20° East and West) then go to the 360PC/360R model Compass/Clinometer with declination adjustment.

Suunto Tandem 360PC/360R – International is balanced for use worldwide.

Dimensions: 126 x 76 x 15mm
Weight:  177 g

Find out everything you need to know, from set up to troubleshooting. Download the manual now.

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