How would you like zero risk to you as a Geologist or Fieldie?

Discoverer® - the only Core Tray brand Tested by Independent NATA & ISO-Accredited Laboratory ExcelPlas.


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Tried. Tested. Proven.

The trend towards Environmental Products is gaining momentum.


Following a robust QC Testing Process, by Australia's pre-eminent NATA & ISO Accredited Plastics Lab ExcelPlas, Discoverer® is the only Core Tray on the global market that has undergone this rigorous independent testing.


Miners & Explorers are finding using a Recycled Plastic Core Tray is a huge win for their ESG strategy, and probably one of the easiest changes to make a tangible impact.


However does a Recycled Plastic Core Tray last as long as a Virgin Plastic Core Tray?


When Discoverer® made the switch to manufacturing the Core Trays from repurposed Australian Kerbside Recycling, Dynamics needed assurance that this product would last just as long as our original Virgin Plastic Tray that has been proven in the elements since 1993.


By using Discoverer®, you're looking after the Earth while drilling the Earth. 


Absolute Peace of Mind Guaranteed.


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3 Major Benefits


Backed by ExcelPlas Global Plastics Expert, Dr John Scheirs B.Sc. (Hons.) & Ph.D. Applied Chemistry. Author of 50+ scientific international publications & 6 encyclopedia chapters on polymers, plastic recycling and coatings.


Robust QC Process, specifically testing UV Ageing Resistance Performance of Recycled Polymer v Virgin Polymer. Recycled Polymer with the relevant UV package is proven to last as long, or even longer than its Virgin Polymer equivalent.


Independent Laboratory Tested, and backed by Dynamics G-Ex's renowned Customer Happiness Team. Dynamics always goes the extra mile to ensure Peace of Mind for your critical drill programs, now and into the future.

Trust Brands Backed By Accredited Laboratory Testing!