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Over the last 8 years that Ive been working in the coreyard I have ordered stock from several companies. But over the last 2-3 years I reckon I would have ordered 95% of our stock from your good self. And there are a good number of reasons for that being the case. Most importantly I find it very easy to be able to call you when I need to order something and within minutes I have a quote emailed and I'm ready to go. Its also handy to be able to call you and find out an approximate date at which the ordered stock will arrive and if I'm desperate you have been able to arrange quick arrival of said stock. Secondly, the quality of products I receive from your company are second to none, in particular the core trays and core blades, with the core blades cutting a much higher meterage than anything else available. And finally, the prices are very competitive if not cheaper than anywhere else and I know my boss is always happy with your mob as she has in the past been able to haggle for a better deal. All in all, dealing with yourself and your company has been a pleasure and its made my job a hell of a lot easier and less stressful."


Your trial order got here before my current supplier, They are only 38 kilometers down the road. This is brilliant considering you are in a completely different state. I'll certainly be using you in the future"
-Senior Geo


“Hi Ian – yes, the bags look good – the ProFab Bag numbering is very clear and appears to be very durable. The bags appear consistent in their quality, and they are of a good quality (tough, well woven with good stitching), the side tie strings are also tough and do not appear to break easily. Overall very pleased so far – especially if this quality can be maintained in all 10,000 bags.”
-Senior Exploration Manager.

"Great news, thanks very much for following that up for me. You guys are the best!"

I knew I could count on you when action would be required at the last minute. Look forward to trying out the new core saw!
- Diane, Government Organisation


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