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Water Resistant Ticket Book 50 Leaves



Brief Overview

With the help of experienced geologists, Dynamics G-Ex has developed one of the most user friendly Water Resistant Ticket Books in the field. Each book is 50mm x 165mm, and contains 50 duplicate, sequential tear off numbered tickets for quick and easy sample identification. These sequential numbers can be custom printed, so if you have a specific alpha/number sequence you’d like to use this is easily achievable or you can simple draw of Dynamics stock ticket books with a generic range of sequential number already printed on each ticket.

Each tag is numbered, and contains fields for your Company name, Sample No., Lease Name, Drill Hole No. and details on the hole depth. As our books are manufactured from field safe water resistant paper, your sample notes are protected from the wet, drilling fluid and dirt, and retain critical sample data in pristine condition through extreme weather variations right across the globe.

While other ranges of ticket books require speciality pens to utilise the tickets effectively, Dynamics G-Ex ticket book only requires standard ink pens or pencils!

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