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Wooden Survey Stakes/Pegs - Painted 300 x 25 x 25mm, Stake



Brief Overview

Dynamics G-Ex source the most durable, hardwood stakes, known for their longevity and ease of use. Hardwood Stakes are less susceptible to white ants and are much stronger when being driven into the ground. Dynamics only source stakes from mills known for their quality control, and by buying in bulk can offer some of the best pricing and stocks in Australia cutting out the middle man. For Bulk quantities or shipping to a remote site, please contact us, we provide bulk discounts and ship to remote sites regularly.

Features & Benefits

  • All Stakes have pencil round ends, the benefit is that the shape of the point naturally drives into the ground smoothly and easily.
  • Bundled in 25, packs are easily transported and lifted for manual handling.
  • Painted tops (nominally 300mm) - stands out and is visible as a marker when viewed at a distance. Also provides an excellent clear writing surface for any notes required. If you require a Fluoro Colour painted top, we can help you out, please contact our friendly sales team for a quote.
  • Known in the industry as the 'dumpy peg' - 300 x 25 x 25mm stakes being one of the popular sizes, are always in stock!

Price is per stake. Minimum Order is 1 pack of 25 stakes.

Dynamics G-Ex keep many shapes and sizes of wooden stakes in stock. However, if you can't see a size you require, dont hesitate to ask, anything wooden, stakes or posts we will be able to help you out. Guaranteed!

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