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BHP Billiton Case Study

R&D Innovation Hub Brief – January 2018


I'm keen to procure the plastic moulded trays we have for PQ and HQ in 4C 100mm sizing (both 2x1m dimension). The 360 handle, flat edge between rows to enable core mark up and ability to stack with lid are key design criteria. Could you provided details on minimum order, lead times and cost to have custom moulded?

Superintendent Geoscience
BHP Billiton Minerals Australia – Planning and Technical

What was the Challenge/Frustration on site?

Manual handling issues (pinched fingers, trays didn’t stack safely for storage or in transport) as well as not having any space to write on the trays (hole ID etc) with the existing market metal trays.

How was the challenge was approached?

Within 90 days a prototype of the 4C Plastic Core Tray was produced, approved and design signed off on. The 4C was designed with the same benefits as the Discoverer Series 3 Core Trays, but needed a full redesigned to suit 2metres worth of large, heavy core. Throughout the whole process the client was kept informed and updated every step of the way, and it was seamless delivery to the project.

What was the outcome delivered on the challenge?

The tray is a pleasure to work with, very stable stacking capabilities with heavy core and the 360 Gripbar makes manual handling very OH&S friendly.

The Final Solution

Discoverer Series 3 4C Core Tray

Here’s what they say about the Innovation Hub...

The innovation day was great. Dynamics G-Ex are really focused on looking at developing tools that will help their clients to improve their work and processes. It was also a fantastic networking experience and good to hear other people’s opinions on what would suit their specific needs the best.

Late 2018 I attended an innovation hub works event at Dynamics G-Ex. An interesting and informative presentation of new processes being advanced to improve quality and efficiencies regarding photographing/processing of DD core. Technical experts shared ideas being developed in partnership with Dynamics G-Ex and attendees shared field experience, thoughts/ideas and knowledge. This was very helpful in building a deeper understanding of some technical aspects, to see and contribute to innovation plus a great opportunity to meet and discuss procedures with peers from across the mining industry. A very enlightening and positive experience.

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