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Discoverer® Core Guides / Core Boats for Automatic Core Saws

For use in conjunction with all automatic core saws, Dynamics has created the Discoverer® Core Guides / Core Boats - there's the V-Core Holder for competent core, and the Broken Core Guide for brittle or damaged core.

  • Made to endure the tough, rigorous mining environment
  • One-piece, mild steel, end plate handles - impossible to bend or change shape
  • Heavy-duty hinges to cope with constant opening and closing all day
  • PQ & LTK60/NQ3 core guide sizes are both unique sizes in the market

We have committed to manufacturing the Discoverer® Core Guides, also known as Core Boats, as a superior product to anything else out in the market right now. Users say they outlast other similar products by 3-4 times. Invest smart!

"We have recently swapped to the Discoverer Core Boats and have had a very positive outcome with the boat lasting a lot longer than the previous ones we had been using. I have now been using the Discoverer Core Boat for just over 4 weeks and it still looks like new, with no damage at all. Previously I was buying new boats every 4 weeks!"

- Field Logistics Coordinator, Northern Star Resources

The PQ Broken Core Guide, being an 85mm core, has a larger overall width, so this can only be used with a Corewise Auto Core Saw that has a 110mm feed-in channel. The Almonte Core Saw feed-in channel is only 90mm, so it won't accommodate this fully enclosed plastic broken core guide. The LTK60/NQ3 core guide will fit LTK60 (44mm) core and NQ3 (45.1mm) core in the same core carrier due to the sizing being so similar. PQ can also be supplied as Open Top Core Guide, which is used when cutting half core into quarters, so the lids aren’t an obstruction to the cutting blade.

For the more competent core, a few mine sites will just use the V-Core Holder, and sometimes it just comes down to personal preference. The V-Core Holder can also be used to cut competent PQ Core on an Almonte Core Saw, but if you are drilling a reasonable amount of PQ then we'd highly recommend trialing the Corewise with our Broken Core Guides for an extra level of safety. Did you know you can trial the Corewise on your site before you commit to purchase! Talk to us for further details: customerservice@dynamicsgex.com.au or 1800 105 584.

Discoverer Half Core Guides / Core Boats

NQ2 Half Core Guide

Half Core Guide - NQ2 - Orange

HQ Half Core Guide

Half Core Guide - HQ - Light Blue

These half core guides have all the features that standard core guides have, tough, durable, heavy-duty, but with square lids on top for cutting half cores into quarters.

Note: These Broken Core Guides are also referred to as Core Boats, Core Cutting Boats, Core Carriers, Flip Top Core Carrier and Core Holders. Regardless of the name we can provide them to be suitable for both the Almonte and the Corewise Core Saws. Just advise which brand you have upon ordering.

Code Available sizes Unit Ctn Qty Stock status Choose size
BKNCGP-H90 Discoverer Plastic Broken Core Guide - HQ (63.5mm) - Light Blue EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
BKNCGP-N280 Discoverer Plastic Broken Core Guide - NQ2 (50.7mm) - Orange EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
BKNCGP-N2SL80 Discoverer Half Core Guide - NQ2 - Orange EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
BKNCGP-HSL80 Discoverer Half Core Guide - HQ - Light Blue EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
BKNCGP-LT70 Discoverer Plastic Broken Core Guide - LTK60/NQ3 (45.1mm) - Dark Green EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
BKNCGP-P70 Discoverer Plastic Broken Core Guide - PQ (85mm) - Dark Blue EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
BKNCGP-N65 Discoverer Plastic Broken Core Guide - NQ (47.6mm) - Red EACH 1 Manufactured to Order Add To Quote
BKNCGP-H360 Discoverer Plastic Broken Core Guide - HQ3 (61.1mm) - Yellow EACH 1 Manufactured to Order Add To Quote
AUTCGP-P51 Discoverer® Plastic Open Top Core Guide – PQ (85mm) EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
AUTVCGP-N50 Plastic V-Core Guide HQ/NQ/NQ2 EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote

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