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RC Chip Tray Sample Photography Imaging Station

Click here to explore the Imago Core Tray Photography System
Watch product video now

If you've ever wanted to capture your RC Chip Tray samples in high resolution in 20-30 seconds whilst keeping things simple and budget-friendly, this could be your solution.

Built to be used in conjunction with the Imago software, you can take this portable unit with you anywhere and set-up quickly and easily. Capture your images at the rig, if you like!

See the RC Chip Tray Sample Photography Imaging Station in action in the video below, as used by our partners in Evolution Exploration:


Place your chip tray against the adjustable positioning bar, adjust your camera up or down as required, take your pictures and let Imago stitch them all together. Choose the amount of compartments you capture at a time:

  • For a closer view, zoom into 2 compartments and take 10 pictures along the length, or
  • Raise your camera and take pictures of 5 compartments to complete the chip tray in 4 captures to speed up the process

Below is an example of the detail you can achieve with this unit and Imago.

Imago Chip Capture Example1_WEB


"The RC Chip Tray Imaging Station has been a great addition to our photography workflow and is instrumental in producing high-quality imagery of drill chips. Combined with Imago, it allows us to seamlessly integrate images of drill chips and rocks into our 3D models and quickly share the information between geology teams across Australia and the world. We have greatly improved the quality of our imagery whilst working with Dynamics G-Ex, which has led to more robust geological models and reduced the burden of tedious tasks, such as renaming files and manually cropping and editing photos."

Matthew Peacock, Project Geologist - Discovery, Evolution Mining 


If you want to Auto this process check out the Automatic RC Chip Photography Station.


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CTPU RC Chip Tray Sample Photography Stations
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