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Get Yourself A World-Class Core Shed Workflow.

If you could photograph, log and classify your core faster, better and more consistently, wouldn’t you?

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Spend more time on high-value activity. Less mundanity.

Have more time analysing core instead of organising all your data - as you should!

Cost Savings

up to 40%

1000 meters logged per day

Reduce Data Entry

up to 50%

50% efficiency savings


Efficient and intuitive core imaging system. Capture 1,000 meters of core per day at a resolution of 100 micro-meters per pixel.

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Fluid remote logging and collaboration. Depth reference your core, log lithology, alteration and veins, and pick geotechnical features like fractures and faults.

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Learn more from data over time. Cloud-based products that segment rock, classify lithology and alteration, detect veins and localize fractures.

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Drive down your core logging cost using the SPECTOR Core Logging Facility at Dynamics.

Dynamics G-Ex and KORE Geosystems team up to enable you to integrate KORE SPECTOR seamlessly into your core shed workflow.


Made just for core logging

Having a dedicated and quieter space just for core logging means better efficiencies and greater productivity.


Connects seamlessly to your core shed

Feed core trays straight through the opening in one end of the container from the core shed feed line, let Spector do its magic, and get the trays out the rear for the next phase.


Portable and easy to relocate

It’s sizeable but safe to manoeuvre around. Take it with you to your next project, and the next, and the next!

KORE Geosystems strives to revolutionise the Core Shed.

Very much in step with Dynamics’ mission to come up with innovative solutions to make Geos and Fieldies’ lives easier, KORE Geosystems is driven to lead mining into the future.

See the SPECTOR solution in action!

Come and see it for yourself by appointment at Dynamics Kalgoorlie Branch.