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Discoverer S3 Recycled Plastic Core Tray

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Discoverer® Core Trays are manufactured in Australia and have been used by geologists worldwide since 1993. Its many unique features come from years of extensive development which has led to Discoverer® Core Trays becoming the industry standard for core logging, core storage and transportation. It is widely regarded as the best plastic core tray/core box, thanks to its strength and durability. Discoverer® Core Trays can be used in extreme weather situations, hot or cold due to its ability to withstand harsh environmental elements. 

"The Discoverer® S3 Core Tray's flat bottom makes for ease of handling especially on the roller racking at any direction or angle, much more friendly to handle overall. The main benefit of this was the core doesn’t move, disturbing our core orientation, so the logging time is greatly reduced and eliminates logging errors. 360 degree grip bar gives variance when tray handling in difficult, sticky situations. The amount of drainage holes help the wet core dry quickly, especially when the core is stored over time which saves the life of the core for future reference. The plastic core blocks stay where they are put and don’t move or bounce around."
- Core Yard Supervisor, Aurelia Metals

Here’s why you need the Plastic Discoverer® 'Flat Bottom' S3 Core Trays/Core Boxes:

1. Roller racking friendly. Core trays which don't run smoothly or bump on roller racking are difficult to work with and disturb the core. The patented unique flat bottom structure has been developed to ensure smooth movement on roller racking and ball transfer tables in any direction or at any angle, without disturbing the valuable core samples inside the tray.

2. Stable stacking. The unique stacking design means that the trays stack perfectly on top of each other without the tray above touching the core in the tray below. All Discoverer® S3 trays have the same footprint so you can stack the different sized trays (NQ, HQ, PQ) on top of each other when changing the core barrel size within a drill hole.

3. Extra channel height. When stacking core trays containing fragmented, protrusive core, there is a need to allow enough clearance between the core and the tray stacked on top. The Discoverer® 'Flat Bottom' S3 Core Trays/Core Boxes have increased channel height to maximise the stability of trays even with fragmented core.

4. Ergonomic grip bar. From any angle, from any side and to suit every single natural lifting position for any user, the 360° continuous grip bar makes the heavy lift simple. Whether pulling the tray along roller racking or lifting trays onto the vehicle, you can get a grip on every side of the tray with absolute ease. The grip bar is generously sized to suit even XL hands, and especially moulded for comfort, for both male and female geologists. 

5. Clip-in core markers. Clip-in core markers are designed to optimise the use of the tray. The markers are colour-coded to match the trays and the top surface is etched, allowing you to record notes.

6. No logging errors. The bold start indicator gives clarity to drillers, reducing potential errors when logging the core.

7. Drainage holes. There are drainage holes at both ends to help your core dry out and remain stored in premium condition.

8. Indelible record. Built-in ID tag holders are now moulded into both the front and the side of the trays. These provide a permanent record of tray contents.

9. Integral strength. The patented interlocking bracing between tray rows ensures rigidity and strength through the entire length of the tray increases the longevity of the product in any tough mining environment.

10. Transportation stability. Unique Discoverer® Locking Links give superior stability when valuable pallets of core are moved around, whilst also eliminating the need for metal strapping.

11. Protection from the elements. Lids further protect your core integrity from the elements. They are manufactured from a durable UV plastic designed to last for extreme periods under the sun.

12. One-metre core capacity. Keeping core logging practices consistent and easy for the geologist means it is important to fit one metre of core in each row of your core trays. The Discoverer® S3 has a one-metre capacity in each row, to ensure that core logging is easier and that you use fewer trays in comparison with shorter trays.


OD: 1065L x 385W x 72mmH
Channel Diameter: 52.5mm
Core Capacity: 5 metres
Weight: 2.3kgs
Pallet Qty:
Truck - 99 ( 2220mm High)
Standard Container - 105 (2343mm High)
High Cube Container - 117 (2550mm High)


OD: 1065L x 385W x 85mmH
Channel Diameter: 65mm
Core Capacity: 4 metres
Weight: 2.37kgs
Pallet Qty:
Truck - 81 (2200mm High)
Standard Container - 87 (2403mm High)
High Cube Container - 96 (2519mm High)


OD: 1065L x 385W x 106mmH
Channel Diameter: 86.5mm
Core Capacity: 3 metres
Weight: 2.4kgs
Pallet Qty:
Truck - 66 (2280mm High)
Standard Container - 69 (2343mm High)
High Cube Container - 75 (2480mm High)

As standard trays are supplied in Air-Force Blue colour, as they are manufactured from Recycled Kerbside Plastic. Special run colours are available on request, and min order qty applies.


Product Pallet (W x L x H) QTY on Pallet Weight in Tray Weight per Pallet (Incl Pallet)
NQ S3 1071 x 1160 x 2300 99 2.43KG 255KG
HQ S3 1072 x 1160 x 2300 81 2.43KG 212KG
PQ S3 1073 x 1160 x 2300 66 2.58KG 175KG


Discoverer® Core Tray Comparison Video

Check out the entire Discoverer range to make sure you are using the core tray that's best suited to your needs.

Stock Locations: Gympie, Dubbo, Mt Isa, Adelaide, Perth, Kalgoorlie , Burnie, Bendigo


Now, you might be asking:

Does a Recycled Plastic Core Tray last as long as a Virgin Plastic Core Tray?

The answer:

Tried. Tested. Proven.

Dynamics G Ex - Create Recycled Logo-01

When Discoverer® made the switch to manufacturing the Core Trays from repurposed Australian Kerbside Recycling, Dynamics needed assurance that this product would last just as long as our original Virgin Plastic Tray that has been proven in the elements since 1993.

Following a robust QC Testing Process, by Australia's pre-eminent NATA & ISO Accredited Plastics Lab ExcelPlas, Discoverer® is the only Core Tray on the global market that has undergone this rigorous independent testing.

By using Discoverer®, you're looking after the Earth while drilling the Earth.

Absolute Peace of Mind Guaranteed.



ChipTray Pod ISO


Code Available sizes Unit Ctn Qty Stock status Choose size
PLACTS3N0 Plastic Discoverer® 3 Core Trays/Boxes Size NQ/NQ2, 99/Pallet EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
PLACTS3H0 Plastic Discoverer® 3 Core Trays/Boxes Size HQ, 81/Pallet EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
PLACTS3P0 Plastic Discoverer® 3 Core Trays/Boxes Size PQ, 66/Pallet EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
Code Available sizes
PLACTS3N Plastic Discoverer® 3 Core Trays/Boxes Size NQ/NQ2, 99/Pallet
Unit: Each QTY: 1 In stock
Add To Quote
PLACTS3H Plastic Discoverer® 3 Core Trays/Boxes Size HQ, 81/Pallet
Unit: Each QTY: 1 In stock
Add To Quote
PLACTS3P Plastic Discoverer® 3 Core Trays/Boxes Size PQ, 66/Pallet
Unit: Each QTY: 1 In stock
Add To Quote


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