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ProFab® Superior Pre-Numbered & Barcoded Drawstring Calico Bags

Our speciality ProFab® geological sample bags are made of high stitch count calico, equipped with a naturally polished drawstring. They are printed with a water-resistant, and insect- and mildew-proof sequential printed number on the front, in your specified alphanumeric configuration. Then we supply the barcode tag, which is resistant to weather, heat, tear and water, and can be printed in any barcode format to suit your specific system. This is either stapled or sown into the bag seam, and corresponds with the printed number on the front.

Barcode Specifications - We customise to suit you!

  • Our customers usually find that a standard 75mmH x 80mmW barcode ticket works for them. However any reasonable size barcode can be produced; just specify what you need.
  • If your requirement is time-bound, we can staple the barcodes to the seam of the bag using heavy-duty stainless steel staples. If timing is not critical, we can sew the barcodes into the seam of the bags in our overseas manufacturing plant and pack them into our containers of stock. Lead times are typically 4-6 months, dependent on the time of year, but if you'd like to have bulk stock produced for your forward planned programs this is possible. For example, customers have ordered the upcoming year's requirements in July or August and get them in January of the following year, with enough stock to cover them for the year.
  • If you prefer to clearly see the printed numbers, the standard print size we offer is a large 45mm high print.

"I would like to thank you and your team for the continuous support your company has provided us. Since converting to the calico bags, we have not had any issues. The bags are holding up to the conditions we encounter here in the tropics, and we are finding them durable during transport to the lab. The barcode system and ticketing system we have developed over time suit our operation requirements. The lab has also reported success with the quality of the new bags. The tickets, barcode and bag printing have all been standing up to this seasons' drilling program."
- Exploration Supervisor, South 32 Mining


Designed and manufactured exclusively by Dynamics in consultation with experts in the field as a premium product for use in the harsh Australian outback.

We pride ourselves in leading the way with identification systems that work for our clients, to make the transportation from the rig to the laboratory smooth and easy, whilst keeping track of precious samples every step of the way.

Please specify your alphanumerical print at time of order.  All we need from you is a spreadsheet with your unique requests and we'll print it exactly — no extra lead time or cost to you!

Our preferred minimum order is 10,000 bags at once due to machine set-up, but we can accommodate less if required.


Case Study:

The Challenge: To provide a sequentially printed calico bag, with a corresponding ticket stapled into the seam and a 'cheque book' style ticket book with all the specific sample details left inside the book for record-keeping.

The Result: Achieved entire scope, with a 50-leaf ticket book inserted into the box for ease of use in the field.

ProFab® Pre-Numbered & Barcoded Geological Sample Calico BagsProFab® Pre-Numbered & Barcoded Geological Sample Calico Bags

 Calico Bags with 50-leaf ticket book and corresponding numbers printed on the bags with tear-off tickets stapled to the seam.

Tag Examples:

Barcode Tags Illustration

Code Available sizes Unit Ctn Qty Stock status Choose size
CALB2030DNB0 ProFab™ Superior Pre-Numbered and Barcoded Calico 200x300mm (8'x12''), 1000/CTN CTN 1 Printed to order Add To Quote
CALB2535DNB0 ProFab™ Superior Pre-Numbered and Barcoded Calico 250x350mm (10x12"), 500/CTN CTN 1 Printed to order Add To Quote
CALB3038DNB0 ProFab™ Superior Pre-Numbered and Barcoded Calico 300x380mm (12x15"), 500/CTN CTN 1 Printed to order Add To Quote
CALB3045DNB0 ProFab™ Superior Pre-Numbered and Barcoded Calico 300x450mm (12x18"), 500/CTN CTN 1 Printed to order Add To Quote
CALB3560DNB0 ProFab™ Superior Pre-Numbered and Barcoded Calico 350x600mm (14x24"), 300/CTN CTN 1 Printed to order Add To Quote
CALB4575DNB0 ProFab™ Superior Pre-Numbered and Barcoded Calico 450x750mm (18x30"), 200/CTN CTN 1 Printed to order Add To Quote
CALB6090DNB0 ProFab™ Superior Pre-Numbered and Barcoded Calico 600x900mm (24x26"), 100/CTN CTN 1 Printed to order Add To Quote

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