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Discoverer® Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets

Are you having trouble with your wooden pallets rotting out or being eaten by white ants and potentially losing your stack of core trays?

You aren't alone!

These are common place issues we've heard of time after time from Geologists, Fieldies and Exploration Managers.

It's time to do something about this for future generations.

So if you believe that the thousands you spend on the drill program means your valuable core data is worth protecting then the Discoverer Plastic Pallets, with a Lifetime Warranty, could be your answer.

5 Major Benefits

 - Never Rot Out - Moisture has no affect
 - Pallet perfectly fits Plastic Core Trays - industry first.
 - UV Stabilised to sit outside in the harsh Australian Outback for many years
 - Never get eaten out by termites or white ants, which is prevalent in Australia and South America
 - 100% Recyclable (Less trees chopped down)

Technical Specifications

 - Size: 1200 x 1100 x 150mmH
 - 4 way entry for easy handling with forklift or pallet jack
 - Robust but lightweight: 17kg
 - SWL: Static: 4000Kg   Dynamic: 1000Kg
 - Very high chemical resistance, particularly acids and alkalis

The Heavy Duty Discoverer® Plastic Pallets have been specifically developed with a select handful of the leading mining companies, and are purpose fit for Discoverer® Plastic core trays, among other brands of similar dimensions.

As the entire Australian Mining industry has moved away from the traditional Metal Core Trays to Plastic Core Trays we are also seeing that trend towards plastic pallets among many of the forward thinking and leading mining and exploration companies.

They tell us that Plastic Pallets for long term storage of Core Trays is safer, more suitable and saves thousands of dollars in medium to long term costs associated with better protecting valuable core samples.

Through experience from users in the field, we've also had reported that the Heavy Duty Discoverer® Plastic Pallets stand up well to the bumps and scrapes of repeated use and moving around.

While wood pallets typically provide less than a dozen uses, plastic pallets can be reused more than 200 times.

Therefore in applications like moving core from the drill rig to the core shed and then out to the core farm, this provides a major benefit.

Companies using Discoverer® Plastic Pallets reported less LTI's as there is no longer injuries from splinters, sharp edges or nails, so that's a win for the safety conscious. 

Good to Know

We are not willing to take risks with your core samples, so we've done everything possible to ensure these are the the most fit for purpose pallets, that are suitable for storage of core trays outside in the elements.

You can most certainly get cheaper ones from general suppliers, but we've produced these specifically for the mining application and storing core trays.

There was a case study recently of a drill core library that have plastic pallet failure to the tune of $200k by using an off the shelf option suitable for general freight.

So we are fine if you feel the need to purchase a cheaper product elsewhere, we won't hold that against you but we won't risk it with your samples personally. We like to sleep at night knowing the Discoverer Plastic Pallets will be good for life in the sun.

These pallets come with a Lifetime Warranty, when used for what we designed them for, which is stacking core trays on them and leaving them in the elements for years. Excludes pallets that are being constantly reused for freighting goods, but nevertheless a plastic pallet will still last 15-20 times longer than a wooden doing this job.


Supply Capability

The Discoverer® Plastic Pallet is stocked in both our Perth and Queensland warehouses for rapid delivery anywhere in Australia or Internationally.



Lifetime Warranty applies when Plastic Pallets are used as intended, which is for storing of plastic core trays up to the SWL on the ground in an external environment and warranties structural soundness for up to 25 years. Excludes Pallets being reused time after time for transportation of goods.

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PPLTDIS0 Discoverer® Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets 1200 x 1100 x 150mmH EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote

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