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4C Plastic Discoverer® 'Flat Bottom' Series 3 Core Trays

The Discoverer® Series 3, two-row 4C Size (100mm) Plastic Core Trays are perfect for large and heavy diamond core extracted in a typical coal exploration project.

We've also noticed hard rock clients drilling 100mm core for bulk metallurgical sampling & using metal core trays. Now you can get OH&S compliant with these plastic core trays now available.

In collaboration with BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA), we've developed and released this tray to the market as the safest and user-friendly option, meeting all their strict criteria.

Gone are the days of using bulky and dangerous metal core trays for this type of drill program. The plastic used in this core tray means it doesn't heat up like a metal tray in the hot sun, and there are no sharp edges, eliminating cuts and LTI's caused by using metal trays. 

The Discoverer® Series 3 is designed with a unique base that would roll along smoothly on roller racking and multi-directional transfer tables.

It also has a continuous grip bar running right around the tray, so it is easier to lift from your natural lifting position and more OHS-friendly.

Don't miss out on the other benefits this tray provides:

  1. Stable Stacking. The unique stacking design means that the trays stack perfectly on top of each other without the tray above touching the core in the tray below. You only need to get a lid for the tray on top. Note that this particular model of core tray can only be supplied with a metal lid. 

  2. No Logging Errors. Bold Start Indicator gives clarity to drillers, reducing potential errors when logging the core.

  3. Drainage Holes. Drainage Holes at both ends, helping your core to dry out and remain in premium condition when stored.

  4. Indelible Record. Built-in ID tag holders are now moulded into both the front and the side of the trays. These provide a permanent record of tray contents.

  5. Integral Strength. The patented interlocking bracing between tray rows ensures rigidity and strength through the whole length of the tray and increases the longevity of the product in the tough mining environment.

  6. 1050mm Core Capacity. Keeping core logging practices consistent and easy for the geologist means it's important to fit 1m of core in each row of your core trays, as well as your core foam (as required) into the extra 50mm at the ends of the tray.

4C Series 3 OD: 1120L x 320W x 125mmH 
Channel Diameter: 110mm
Core Capacity: 2 metres
Colour: Grey
Weight: 2.5kgs 
Pallet Qty: 64


Code Available sizes Unit Ctn Qty Stock status Choose size
PLACTS34C0 Plastic Discoverer® 3 Core Trays/Boxes Size 4C, 64/Pallet EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
MET4C-LID Metal Core Tray Lids to suit Discoverer 3 - 4C Core Trays EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
Code Available sizes
PLACTS34C Plastic Discoverer® 3 Core Trays/Boxes Size 4C, 64/Pallet
Unit: Each QTY: 1 In stock
Add To Quote
MET4C-LID Metal Core Tray Lids to suit Discoverer 3 - 4C Core Trays
Unit: Each QTY: 1 In stock
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