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Flexistack Sieve Set 200mm

The Flexistack Sieve provides an entirely new system of flexible screening, with excellent benefits for sizing and sampling. Multiple screening of a sample can be achieved in one operation, and multiple samples can be handled simultaneously. Drum-tight screens promote efficient screening, and meet the highest screening standards and cut screening costs.

If the screen cloth is damaged, it is replaceable quickly and easily. The Flexistack rings hold two different size meshes of your choice. Nylon sieve mesh is cut to size and put between each component (not including the lid), and these are then pushed together. Although the sieves are sold as sets (containing a lid, two middle rings and a receiver), it is possible to add as many middle rings as you require to hold the number of sieve meshes you need.

Using the Flexistack Sieve is more cost-effective than purchasing a new sieve for every mesh size you require. With Flexistack, you simply replace the mesh! These sieves would normally be used with nylon screen cloth, but will also accept polyester and polypropylene mesh. You can choose from a large range of synthetic mesh sizes, from 5 microns to 1000 microns (1 mm) aperture. You are able to use larger mesh cloth but you will need to retain it with the O-Ring.


  • Injection moulded for precise taut mesh fitting
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and contamination-free

  • Body - high-impact polystyrene
  • Size - 200 mm nominal diameter
  • Weight - 690 grams per set


Code Available sizes Unit Ctn Qty Stock status Choose size
FLEXSET0 Flexistack PVC Sieve Set 200mm - (includes receiver, 2 rings and lid) SET 1 In stock Add To Quote
FLEXLID0 Flexistack PVC Lid EACH 1 Special order Add To Quote
FLEXRNG0 Flexistack PVC Rings (Pair) EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
FLEXREC0 Flexistack PVC Receiver EACH 1 Special order Add To Quote

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