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Suunto Optical Sighting Compass & Clinometer Range

When a well known brand meets a very affordable price tag, you get our top selling compass & clinometer range. Meet the Suunto.

The Suunto Precision Range can be classified into 2 different types of products:

1) Suunto Optical Sighting Compasses
2) Suunto Clinometers

Optical Sighting Compass Range

Suunto KB-20/360R G Yellow Compass

Suunto KB 20 360R G Yellow CompassSuunto KB-20 is a floating, lightweight hand-bearing compass that is ideal for marine, professional and outdoor use.

This is the beginner compass in Suunto's range starting at $129.95+GST. If you want something a little more higher end, the KB-14, below, is your next choice at $239.95+GST.




Suunto KB-14/360/R International Hand-Held Compass, 0 - 360 with reverse scale (COMP-119)

COMP-119The Suunto KB-14 hand-held precision compasses are used all over the world by foresters, surveyors, engineers, cartographers, geologists, miners and architects to measure bearings quickly, reliably and easily.

The KB-14 is our most popular model. The heavy-duty impact and corrosion resistant aluminum housings are flat and compact with no protruding or adjustable parts. Needle cards are immersed in a clear, low-viscosity liquid damping for smooth, vibration-free movement. Needle cards pivot on polished sapphire bearing. Azimuth models graduated to 1/2 degree.

Suunto Tandem 360PC/360R International Hand-Held Compass/Clinometer (COMP-120)

COMP-120 -INTThe Suunto Tandem combines a liquid damped precision compass and clinometer in one compact, rugged aluminum housing that protects against impact, corrosion, and water.

Clinometer scale is graduated in percent and degree (0-90°, 0-150%); compass scale is in azimuth (0-360°). The compass is graduated in 1/2° increments, and the clinometer is graduated in 1°/1% increments. Both the compass and clinometer are individually calibrated. There are engraved inch scale, cotangent and cosine tables to 45° on the back.

Also included is a threaded tripod socket. Includes carrying case and lanyard. Balanced for use worldwide. Dimensions: 126 x 76 x 15mm. Weight: 177 g


Suunto PM5/360 PC Hand-Held Clinometer (COMP-118)

COMP-118The Suunto PM-5 hand-held clinometers are used to measure heights, vertical angles and slopes quickly, reliably and easily. Geologists mainly use the clinometers to measure slopes for grading or preliminary surveying.

Features a solid aluminum housing with jeweled bearing assembly. Damped scale for smooth, accurate readings. Parallax-free lens. Includes a lanyard and black nylon case. PM5/360 PC Scales: ±150%, ±90°. Conversion Table Cosines to 45° on back. Dimensions: 70mm x 51mm x 16mm. Weight: 113g

Rubber Protective Cases

COMP-119C  Rubber case Suunto KB 14COMP-120CAll the Suunto instruments can be supplied with an optional Rubber Protective Case to prolong their lifetime in the field. Just like your mobile phone case, it's well worth the investment. Choose the COMP-119C for the KB-14 Compass and PM-5 Clinometer and the COMP-120C for the Suunto Tandem Unit.


Code Available sizes Unit Ctn Qty Stock status Choose size
COMP-1190 Suunto Precision Compass KB-14 Classic with Optical Adjustment - International EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
COMP-119C0 Rubber Protective Case for Suunto Compass/Clinometers EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
COMP-1200 Suunto Tandem 360PC/360R International Clinometer and Compass Combination Unit EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
COMP-120C0 Rubber Protective Case for Suunto Tandem EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
COMP-1180 Suunto PM5/360PC Clinometer with Percent and Degree Scales EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
COMP-1260 Suunto® KB-20, 360 Global Compass EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote

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