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Discoverer S4 Recycled Plastic Core Tray

The Discoverer® S4 Recycled Plastic Core Tray is the world’s smartest core tray. Built for core photography and core scanning technology, it’s designed with advanced features that will take your core storage to a completely different level!

  • Has Tru Identiti™ stencil in-built on the core tray for a painless markup process.
  • Works perfectly with the Imago geological photography software. When you take and save core photos, Imago reads the stenciled info and assigns it to the corresponding database on your computer.


See it in action below:



“We made the decision to switch [to Discoverer S4] for the purpose of better photos. The camera frame they supplied us sits perfectly flush around the circumference of two Discoverer trays, enabling us for a nice square on photo every time.

The trays are larger, which is beneficial for us because the more core we can fit in a tray, the less trays we have to use. The trays seem to be a lot more durable than our previous trays which means they last longer and can stay in circulation longer.”

- Geological Services Supervisor, Newmont


Other Benefits of the Discoverer S4 Recycled Plastic Core Tray:

  1. Flat bottom.
    The patented flat bottom ensures smooth movement on roller racking and ball transfer tables in any direction or angle, without disturbing the core samples in the tray.

  2. Ergonomic grip bar.
    The 360° continuous grip bar makes handling so much easier. Whether pulling the tray along logging tables or lifting trays onto vehicles, you get a solid grip on any side of the tray.

  3. Stable stacking.
    The trays stack perfectly on top of each other without the tray above touching the core in the tray below, protecting your valuable core.

  4. Integral strength.
    The patented interlocking bracing between rows gives rigidity and strength through the entire length of the tray.

  5. Drainage holes.
    Both ends of the tray have drainage holes to keep your core dry and remain in good condition even in storage.

  6. Improved core logging.
    The bold Start indicator gives clarity to drillers and reduces potential errors, and the ID tag holders are moulded into front and sides of the tray for a permanent record of contents.

  7. All core trays in the Discoverer range are now made of recycled plastic
    Recent recycling technologies have made it possible for recycled plastic to be as robust as virgin plastic. This is also in line with Dynamics’ efforts to manufacture more sustainable products and support geologists and fieldies’ corporate social responsibility programs.


Product Pallet (W x L x H) QTY on Pallet Weight in Tray Weight per Pallet (Incl Pallet)
NQ S4 1074 x 1160 x 2320 114 2.35KG 283KG
HQ S4 1075 x 1160 x 2320 93 2.44KG 243KG
PQ S4 116x116x220cm 69 3.55kg 260KG



Discoverer® Core Tray Comparison Video

Check out the entire Discoverer range to make sure you are using the core tray that's best suited to your needs.



Now, you might be asking:

Does a Recycled Plastic Core Tray last as long as a Virgin Plastic Core Tray?

The answer:

Tried. Tested. Proven.

Dynamics G Ex - Create Recycled Logo-01

When Discoverer® made the switch to manufacturing the Core Trays from repurposed Australian Kerbside Recycling, Dynamics needed assurance that this product would last just as long as our original Virgin Plastic Tray that has been proven in the elements since 1993.

Following a robust QC Testing Process, by Australia's pre-eminent NATA & ISO Accredited Plastics Lab ExcelPlas, Discoverer® is the only Core Tray on the global market that has undergone this rigorous independent testing.

By using Discoverer®, you're looking after the Earth while drilling the Earth.

Absolute Peace of Mind Guaranteed.


ChipTray Pod ISO


Code Available sizes Unit Ctn Qty Stock status Choose size
PLACTS4N130 Plastic Discoverer® 4 Core Trays/Boxes Size NQ/NQ2, 114/Pallet EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
PLACTS4H120 Plastic Discoverer® 4 Core Trays/Boxes Size HQ, 93/Pallet EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
PLACTS4P110 Plastic Discoverer® 4 Core Trays/Boxes Size PQ, 69/Pallet EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
Code Available sizes
PLACTS4N Plastic Discoverer® 4 Core Trays/Boxes Size NQ/NQ2, 114/Pallet
Unit: Each QTY: 1 In stock
Add To Quote
PLACTS4H Plastic Discoverer® 4 Core Trays/Boxes Size HQ, 93/Pallet
Unit: Each QTY: 1 In stock
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PLACTS4P Plastic Discoverer® 4 Core Trays/Boxes Size PQ, 69/Pallet
Unit: Each QTY: 1 In stock
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