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Discoverer® Manual Core Saws

The Discoverer ® Core Saw is a Australian Made machine with a long history of durability and reliability across many mine and exploration sites all around the world. When the budget doesn't permit choosing an Automatic Core Saw or time required cutting core isn't extensive, this Manual Diamond Core Saw range is perfectly build for tough conditions.

In simple terms there are 3 options.

The Series 1 and 2 Core Saw are identical machines apart from the Series 1 having detachable folding legs, perfect when portability is key. We've even had clients take them when trekking through remote jungle or bush land to reach their drill site, and with the inbuilt handles on the sides of the saw, it's not light (93kg Total) but this definitely helps the lift, and with two people it makes it achievable.

The Series 2 is the same build size as the Series 1 with Fixed Solid Legs, designed as more of a longer term saw for operating at a small exploration program or the likes. The Series 3 is the 'beast' of the core saw range, only supplied with Fixed Solid Legs and perfect for mine sites or larger exploration projects where more power is needed and extended periods of core cutting are to take place.

Engine Options:

Series 1 Core Saw

Series 1 Core SawThe Series 1 can be supplied with a Single Phase, 3 Phase or Petrol Engine depending on your requirements. For the small, portable machine the Single Phase is the very popular and the one we stock in Perth and Queensland for immediate despatch for those needing a machine yesterday!




Series 2 Core Saw

Series 2 Core Saw
The Series 2 is typically supplied with a Single Phase Engine too, and is also stocked in Perth and Queensland. We rarely supply this with an Petrol or 3 Phase engine, however it is possible but can be subject to a longer lead time dependent on current production.
Drainage Hole




Series 3 Core Saw

Series 3 Core Saw The Series 3 also can be supplied with a Single Phase, 3 Phase or Petrol Engine depending on your requirements. As this is our largest machine in the range the 3 Phase is the way most people like to go. Being our most popular seller from the entire range we endeavor to always have stock in Perth and Queensland for this 3 Phase machine.





Series 2 v Series 3 v Full Grown Man Comparison.

(Note: Series 1, not shown, is the same overall size as Series 2, shown below, but comes with detachable legs making it more portable.)


Core Saw Benefits

  • Solid Frame construction out of 3mm laser cut profile leading to increased stability of the whole machine.
  • Cutting Deck Trolley with Heavy Duty Aluminium, tilt-lock wheels meaning accurate and stable cut
  • Water return channels meaning dry and clean area improving users comfort
  • Fully protected blade support shaft leading to Users safety and bearings protection
  • Spring-loaded cutting head actioned by foot pedal or cutting handle resulting in better cutting quality leading to shock-free cutting, and good pressure control.
  • Crank controlled cutting depth adjustment and head locking device leading to accurate cutting depth adjustment and straight through cutting

Technical Specifications:

Engine Options:
  • Single Phase 2.2kW 240V/15AMP
  • 3 Phase 3PH 5HP/4Kw
  • Petrol 5.5Hp Honda or 6Hp Robin

Power Supply

If working remotely and away from power supply, the recommended generator size for the 2.2kw Single Phase Engine is 10 KVA and for the 4kw 3 Phase Engine is 20 KVA.

Series 1 & 2
Dimensions (without stand): 700H x 470W x 980Lmm (Series 1 Only)
With Portable Stand (S1) or Fixed Legs (S2): 1530H x 550W x 980Lmm
Blade Capacity: 300 - 350mm (12 - 14inch)
Max Cutting Depth: 110mm
Max Cutting Length: 420mm
Tool Speed RPM: 2800 min
Total Weight: 93Kg

Series 3 Core Saw
Dimensions 1540H x 570W x 1350Lmm
Blade Capacity: 350 - 500mm (14 - 20inch)
Max Cutting Depth: 210mm
Max Cutting Length: 490mm
Tool Speed RPM: 1440 min
Total Weight: 140Kg

Note: The thing about the Discoverer CoreSaw is that it isn't a overseas mass produced brick saw, such as the renown brick saw brands like the Clipper Saw. Instead the Discoverer is purpose built Diamond Core Cutting Saw, designed for continuous cutting for hours a day. Through proven experience, we reserve the right to refuse to sell you any other manual core saw, as the hours of engine failures and maintenance issues with brick saws has proven to us we'd rather not supply and help you out a few months down the track, if needed. Please be aware the sole purpose of us noting this is to take away the headache from prospective Geo's & Fieldies looking for a saw, not to put in doubt the credibility of other Brick Saw brands, as if you were cutting bricks we'd recommend them as fit for purpose everytime. We trust this helps with your decision making process.


Code Available sizes Unit Ctn Qty Stock status Choose size
S11PH0 Series 1 Electric Single Phase Core Saw - Folding Leg Stand EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
S13PH0 Series 1 Electric Three Phase Core Saw - Folding Leg Stand EACH 1 Manufactured to Order Add To Quote
S1PET0 Series 1 5.5HP Petrol Core Saw - Folding Leg Stand EACH 1 Manufactured to Order Add To Quote
S21PH0 Series 2 Electric Single Phase Core Saw - Fixed Solid Leg EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
S31PH0 Series 3 Electric Single Phase Core Saw - Fixed Solid Leg EACH 1 Manufactured to Order Add To Quote
S33PH0 Series 3 Electric Three Phase Core Saw - Fixed Solid Leg EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
S3PET0 Series 3 5.5HP Petrol Core Saw - Fixed Solid Leg EACH 1 Manufactured to Order Add To Quote

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