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Dynamics G-Ex is an international geological supplies company, whose ultimate focus is to keep RC and diamond drilling projects running through our manufacturing and supply capabilities.

Our geological field and exploration products are used by some of the world's top mining professionals, geologists and fieldies. We are headquartered in Australia, but we provide supplies to drilling programs anywhere in the world.

Our strength lies in our ability to collaborate with you on your project and deliver geological hardware solutions of the future. Whether we are building equipment to work with the latest machine learning software, or developing sustainable products such as recycled plastic core trays and compostable sample bags, we aspire to drive geological innovations so we can make your life easier.


As you unearth the next great discovery, our role at Dynamics G-Ex is to make your life easier. We do this by ensuring that you have access to the best geological field supplies so you can excel at what you do best — changing the world, one discovery at a time.

A huge responsibility lies with our mining professionals in making our world operate literally. From the copper, gold and silver used in our estimated 7 billion mobile phones, to the horde of 1.2 billion cars all over the world whose steel bodies use iron ore, these great people out in the field making these discoveries have helped pave the way so we can enjoy these modern essentials.

As mining equipment manufacturers and suppliers, we are here to make your life easier by providing you the best and easiest to use geological products.

Core Values

 - Keep it Simple
 - Say it Do it
 - Be the Solution
 - Keep a Blue Head
 - Listen First, Talk Last
 - Under Promise, Over Deliver


testimonial image

Mount Isa Mines

Hi Renae,

First, I think your title of ‘Customer Happiness Leader’ is brilliant. I am a huge believer in customer service and anyone in that field, should aim to please their customers across all dimensions of customer service.

I enjoy Dynamics G-Ex as a supplier because you reply to all enquiries promptly and go to lengths to find items I’ve queried. One of your key differences is your delivery times, I believe you express post and whatever I order, is here in a couple of days! Which for us is excellent because we are so remote. Your communication is always friendly and professional. Keep it up!

testimonial image

Harmony Gold

We’ve used Spencer and Dynamics to look after our PNG projects. He’s efficient and attentive in supplying everything from one parcel to complete containers of Geo Consumables for our requirements.  Dealing with Spencer is always a pleasant and easy experience, any requirement I have with my orders they are always willing to accommodate. We have always found the products supplies are of good quality too.

Our Journey through Time
  • April 2010
    The Dormer family emigrated to the Sunshine Coast of Australia from the UK in April 2010, Kevin Dormer, with his wife and 5 children.
More to go here as it happens…follow us on the journey of Making People's Lives Easier!


testimonial image

Independence Nova Pty Ltd

Hi Curt,

Yes the medium abrasive blades offer the best value as they will cut the hard core we have & don’t wear as quickly, we generally get 350mts plus from these blades, they seem to have a thicker matrix than the ‘Xxxxx’ blades & definitely last longer.

- Independence Nova Pty Ltd

testimonial image

Blackham Resources Limited

Hi Curt,

Feedback from our drillers re the new trays is they prefer them compared to others as they are much easier to pick up and move about.

Dynamics are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with our team. Together, the company is working on a culture where our people wake up each day inspired to come to work, improve what they do every day and return home at the end of the day, fulfilled by the work they do.

Dynamics operate in a demanding, high-pressure environment but work just as hard to make our workplace fun and welcoming -- like a family away from home.

The company strives to build a better place to work, so our employees can truly feel engaged and have fun at work, while doing what they love. Every day our employees fix what bugs them, and everyday, we are honoured by this opportunity to empower geologists and fieldies.

Our people are dedicated in caring for our customers and taking ownership of the situations they find themselves in. Dynamics knows, if it takes care of it's people, our people will take care of our customers and our customers will take care of our brand.


We believe that mining and geology professionals have the natural desire to spend their days out in the great outdoors -- to search, explore and define the next big deposit that will become a great prosperous mine.

We believe in getting these great people, wherever they are in the world, from behind their desks, out of their offices and into the field so that they can unearth the next big discovery! And when they get there, we make their lives easier by supplying the best and easiest-to-use geological tools, products and industrial mining equipment.

We believe in always giving our very best. We never compromise on product quality, safety or service. Our clients know that whenever they need the best product, they can rely on us to deliver it. We believe in long-term and sustainable growth -- not just for us, but more importantly, for all the hardworking mining and geology professionals we serve.

Great Culture = Great People & Passion


testimonial image

WCB Resources

Hi Sean.

We originally purchased a Core saw from ‘Xxxxx’ for our operation in PNG. It turned out to be unsuitable for broken and fractured rock. The Dynosaw was then purchased and shipped to PNG and has operated without any issue in a tough terrain since 2014. We prefer the Dynosaw.

- WCB Resources

# Note Dynosaw brand has been superseded by the Discoverer Brand, nothing changes about the build quality or manufacture process.

testimonial image

Simberi Gold Mine/Gold Ridge Mine | St Barbara Ltd

From a supply perspective, dealing with Dynamics G-Ex is an absolute pleasure. Fast turnarounds on RFQ’s and A++ on proactive communication.

Our end users are happy with the products and general administration between our two companies is as easy as sitting on the beach in summer.

The Squad

Hey, I'm Travis!

I am the Supply Chain & HR Leader


Hey, I'm Eugenie!

I am a Customer Happiness Leader


Hey, I'm Laurie!

I am your Geological Product Specialist


Hey, I'm Trina!

I am the Purchasing Officer

Katrina Riethmuller

Hey, I'm Curt!

Managing Director


Hey, I'm Duane!

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Hey, I'm Kevin!


Kevin Dormer

Hey, I'm Spencer!

Customer Happiness and Marketing Director


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The Product Development Leader


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I am the Kalgoorlie Branch Manager


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I am the Accounts and Admin Manager


Hey, I'm Alison!

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Alison Heywood

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I am the Purchasing Leader

Michael Zuravel

Hey, I'm Karyn!

I am the Mt Isa Branch Manager

Karyn Robertson

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Clint Morrison

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I am the Sales Manager

Ken Rule

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I am the Adelaide Branch Manager

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Nathan Fooks

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Jared Degenkolbe

Hey, I'm Leith!

WA Warehouse Leader

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Hey, I'm Yvette!

I am the Kalgoorlie Operations Manager

Yvette Eaton

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Purchasing Leader

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Customer Happiness Leader

Marlon Borja

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Hey, I'm Cameron

WA Warehouse Leader


Hey, I'm Gladys!

Accounts Officer


Hey I'm Rick!

I am your Geological Product Specialist



testimonial image

Mindarie Operations | Murray Zircon Pty Ltd

The bags look good – the ProFab Bag numbering is very clear and appears to be very durable. The bags appear consistent in their quality, and they are of a good quality (tough, well woven with good stitching), the side tie strings are also tough and do not appear to break easily. Overall very pleased so far.

Dynamics have been excellent to work with, and provided us quality kit when we needed it – they are also very good at following up on any concerns you may have with their service.

They do a very good core tray system also, quite portable, may save some core handling issues.

testimonial image


We have recently switched over to Dynamics to supply our wooden stakes after briefly trialling them at site. The quality was immediately noticeable, and we found that the withstood the rigours of open cut mining perfectly, particularly in hard rock. Our previous supply of pegs were evidently cheaper, however, with up to 50% of them breaking when used, it was obvious that cheaper isn’t always better, especially when you’re throwing half of them away. We have factored this in, and with the price only being marginally more, it made sense to pay a little more for a product that was far superior and in the long run actually more cost effective.

Below are some, snaps of the pegs we were using previously. In this particular photo, out of the 50 pegs we had to use almost all of them snapped, splintered or shattered to pieces when knocked in.