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Rite in the Rain All Weather Field Notebooks

We have refined our Rite in the Rain range down to the bestsellers. Although we do have access to the entire range, our core customer base will more than likely want what hundreds of other geos and fieldies have proven to stick to, so we've kept it simple for you.

  • The smaller 'top pocket size" books are 50 sheets (100 pages) with a flexible cover. Both come with the same universal style page pattern, which consists of solid horizontal and dotted vertical lines.
    • Top Spiral Bound RR-135 (76x127mm)
    • Top Spiral Bound RR-146 (105x152mm)
  • The larger options are 120x190mm and hard cover, with a durable sewn-in binding and a different page pattern for each stock code. They all come with 80 sheets (160 pages). Everything about it - the cover, the paper, the sewn-in pages, even the glue - is designed to survive the elements of the mine site or your exploration roamings.
    • RR-390F - 'Journal Pattern' - Solid lines horizontal across the page
    • RR-300F - 'Transit Pattern' - Page 1: Solid horizontal & vertical lines. Page 2: Grid Pattern.
    • RR-540F - 'Geology Pattern' - Page 1: Solid horizontal & vertical lines. Page 2: Grid Pattern with information fields at the top of the page.



Sometimes we are asked for Rite in the Rain equivalents in the market. RR-146 is equivalent to Chartwell 2281 and Markrite 110, while RR-300F is equivalent to Chartwell 2637 and Markrite 102. The other Rite in the Rain books in our range don't have a direct equivalent in Chartwell & Markrite.

We only sell the Rite in the Range brand as it's considered the market leader in water-resistant and waterproof notepads.

Rite in the Rain All Weather Field Notebook Page Patters

Code Available sizes Unit Ctn Qty Stock status Choose size
RR-1350 Rite in the Rain 135 Notebook Universal Pattern, 76mm x 127mm EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
RR-1460 Rite in the Rain 146 Notebook Universal Pattern, 105mm x 152mm EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
RR-300F0 Rite in the Rain 300F Notebook Transit Pattern, 120mm x 190mm EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
RR-390F0 Rite in the Rain 390F Notebook Journal Pattern, 120mm x 190mm EACH 1 While Stocks Last! Add To Quote
RR-540F0 Rite in the Rain 540F Notebook Geology Pattern, 120mm x 190mm EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
RR-3930 Rite in the Rain 393, 121x178mm Spiral bound Book EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote

Future of Geology

If you could look into a crystal ball and see the Future of Geology how exciting would that be? That’s why we interviewed 4 seasoned Geo experts to tell it like they saw the future, man was this insightful! If you want to see for your self check it out now, as this Ebook release won’t be around for ever, it’s a limited time exclusive offer to all visitors to this page, COMPLETELY FREE!

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