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Discoverer®️ Automatic Core Cutting Facility

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Ready to cut core with greater efficiency, safety and comfort than ever before?

These air-conditioned containers are fully insulated, converted from a refrigerated shipping container into a purpose built Core Cutting Container that's perfectly suited to any mining or exploration operation.


"As a geo I’ll take any excuse to wind up in this thing cutting core. It’s so safe it’s a pleasure to work in. Fully air-conditioned. I just love actually seeing the parts I wanted to sample cut open right before my eyes glistening wet!"

- Edward Ellice-Flint, Junior Geologist at Medallion Metals Limited


We've seen these used in a fixed location beside the core shed. You are able to feed core trays straight through the opening in one end of the container from the core shed feed line, have the core cut, and fed back out the rear.

This means that Geologists and Field Techs in the core shed don't have to put up with the noise, dust and dirt of the Auto Core Saw operating in the open shed, or in a tin shed next door.

For those conducting green field exploration who have a steady drilling program, these are the perfect option. Especially when you are moving around the country and want to take your core cutting facility with you, these are portable, easy to relocate, and safe to manoeuvre around.

Operators love the air curtain stopping the flies from harassing the core cutter!

We stock these units for rapid turnaround in Perth, Kalgoorlie and Gympie.

If you have certain customisations that you would like to add, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs. At times we've used acoustic paneling to walls and ceiling to reduce the acoustic fatigue of the operator.

As standard, each Core Cutting Container comes with:

  • Corewise Auto Core Saw
  • Corewise Water Recirculation Tank
  • Roller Racking - Entry Racks in the door and Exit Racks out the rear
  • Split system air conditioner
  • Internal Lighting
  • Anti Fatigue Matting
  • Personnel Door in Side of Container
  • 3 Phase Power Sockets
  • PVC Air Curtains


This product is also available For Hire

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DYNOCON+ Discoverer®️ Air-Conditioned Automatic Core Cutting Container Facility, includes Corewise Saw and Roller Racking EACH 1 In Stock (Can be subject to recent order volume) Add To Quote
DYNOCONR Discoverer®️ Air-Conditioned Automatic Core Cutting Container Facility, includes Roller Racking EACH 1 In Stock (Can be subject to recent order volume) Add To Quote
DYNOCON Discoverer®️ Air-Conditioned Automatic Core Cutting Container Facility, unit only EACH 1 In Stock (Can be subject to recent order volume) Add To Quote

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