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Every Geologist & Fieldie globally has our entire Customer Happiness Team at their disposal. Their sole mission, job and mandate is to deliver customer happiness. Experience it for yourself today.

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Customer Service Testimonials

Mount Isa Mines

Hi Renae,
First, I think your title of ‘Customer Happiness Leader’ is brilliant. I am a huge believer in customer service and anyone in that field, should aim to please their customers across all dimensions of customer service.

I enjoy Dynamics G-Ex as a supplier because you reply to all enquiries promptly and go to lengths to find items I’ve queried. One of your key differences is your delivery times, I believe you express post and whatever I order, is here in a couple of days! Which for us is excellent because we are so remote. Your communication is always friendly and professional. Keep it up!

Saracen Gold Mines

Dynamics are our primary supplier for all things Exploration and Geology.

We have never had issues getting stock onsite no matter the scope and timing of our projects.

What really shines is the customer support, they will always go the extra mile to help us out!

Process Minerals International

Curt and his team at Dynamics G-Ex have been a real asset to Process Minerals International ’Mt Marion Lithium Project. From my perspective; managing a 50,000m+ RC and a 5,000m+ diamond drilling program requires strong logistical support; Curt and his team have consistently delivered with prompt (next day) delivery of large orders to Kalgoorlie and always at extremely competitive prices.

I have been impressed by the fast and friendly response to quotation requests and the commitment to meeting our project specific requirements. I have recommended Dynamics G-Ex to several of my colleagues within the project group and have no hesitation in recommending their services to others in the industry.
Thanks and regards,
- Process Minerals International

Segue Resources

Dynamics G-Ex came to our attention when our regular supplier misplaced our consumable order which threatened to cause costly delays to a drilling programme being conducted in remote Western Australia.

Curt was able to source the required items in no time, taking time out from his Sunday to assist us from the other side of the country. Within an hour, he and John were able to get us back on the road and out to site with consumables - downtime avoided!

I was amazed at the customer service and willingness of the Dynamics team to help out. I thoroughly recommend Dynamics G-Ex. They are customer focused, with a strong attention to service, whilst also supplying high quality field equipment. They are a pleasure to work with and have now become our new regular supplier.

Harmony Gold

We’ve used Spencer and Dynamics to look after our PNG projects. He’s efficient and attentive in supplying everything from one parcel to complete containers of Geo Consumables for our requirements.  Dealing with Spencer is always a pleasant and easy experience, any requirement I have with my orders they are always willing to accommodate. We have always found the products supplies are of good quality too.

Mallee Bull | Peel Mining Ltd (PEX)

I manage supplies for Peel Mining Ltd, exploring for base metals in the Cobar district of NSW. I have found Dynamics G-Ex to be well priced, prompt and keen to assist in sourcing all the supplies I require, even when they don’t stock the items themselves. Their Dubbo warehouse has been very convenient, with fast supply and reduced transport costs.

I would recommend Dynamics G-Ex to any company in the mining or exploration field, their service and support has been first class. They seem like good blokes as well!

Cadia Valley Operations | Newcrest Mining Ltd

I just used the bags for the first time this morning.
So far……………………………………..OUTSTANDING!
(Calico bags were custom made, stocked and supplied to specification)

Tenth Legion (Zeehan) Project | Australian Hualong PTY LTD

The team at Australian Hualong PTY LTD wish to thank you for the great service that was afforded to us. Your professional product knowledge helped us to determine which core saw and other items were suitable to our needs here in Tasmania. The quick turnaround time from manufacture to delivery was exceptional. We look forward to dealing with Dynamics G-EX and yourself long into the future.

Had a call from the guy who we used to get our core trays from. He was chasing our business and was willing to do whatever it takes to get it. We told him that we are very satisfied with the company that we deal with and won't be changing at all in the near future. Keep up the good work guys it is much appreciated.

DIER | Department of Infrastructure, Energy & Resources Tasmania

I knew I could count on you when action would be required at the last minute.
Look forward to trying out the new core saw!

Alcan Gove Operations | Pacific Aluminium

From all of us here at Pacific Aluminium Gove Mining Operations I would like to say thank you very much for the service that you have provided to us. As this is the first drilling program that the staff onsite have undertaken before it was definitely a bit of trial and error as to what we required and how quickly we needed it. Thanks to you personally and your team you have provided excellent service, with the goods arriving on time as promised (which is no small feat considering how remote we are). We will be undertaking another drilling program next year and thanks to your guidance we will definitely be calling you to arrange all of the supplies required for the program.

Once again thank you very much for your valued assistance to myself and the team here at the Mine."

Simberi Gold Mine/Gold Ridge Mine | St Barbara Ltd

From a supply perspective, dealing with Dynamics G-Ex is an absolute pleasure. Fast turnarounds on RFQ’s and A++ on proactive communication.
Our end users are happy with the products and general administration between our two companies is as easy as sitting on the beach in summer.

Bardoc Gold Ltd

Hi Tony

Thank you for the fantastic job you did for us last week.

Your intellectual organisation and logistical skills not forgetting the vast experience you have in Field logistics made it possible to have the 3000 Calico bags printed and delivered from Perth to our Kalgoorlie (Site) in a space of 2 DAYS.

It takes a person with your experience to understand how stressful it is to run out of Calicos when you have 2 rigs drilling endlessly and logistical delays in the next batch of Calicos.

You made it possible by applying your field experience and knowledge of understanding the sampling database and advised us to order calicos in such a way that the next batch shall not clash/interfere with the sample prefixes currently in the database.

On behalf of Bardoc Gold Ltd Kalgoorlie site, I would like to say thank you to Tony and the team at Dynamics Kalgoorlie for making  our calico bags order possible and delivered in no time.

Jono Eshuys | Austral Resources

"Thank you for all your help and assistance over the time and thank you to the rest of the Dynamics team. You have always gone above and beyond every single time even for the smallest request so thank you.

I started dealing with you in 2014, and have enjoyed working with the team wherever I've been around Australia."

Discoverer® Diamond Core Blade Testimonials

Independence Nova Pty Ltd

Hi Curt,

Yes the medium abrasive blades offer the best value as they will cut the hard core we have & don’t wear as quickly, we generally get 350mts plus from these blades, they seem to have a thicker matrix than the ‘Xxxxx’ blades & definitely last longer.

- Independence Nova Pty Ltd

Field Logistics Coordinator, Northern Star Resources

The Discoverer Green 12" core cutting blade is performing extremely well, cutting 800-1000 metres of core per blade. Compare this to the blades we had been using, an average approx. 500-600 metres per blade. We have also been having problems with the blade loosing its tension cause it to buckle and being no good for use. We had a core saw that was cutting the core in a 60%/40% split (not 50/50) and had sent the saw back for repairs on three occasions with nothing being found wrong with it, so have been unable to use this Coresaw. I tried one of Dynamics green 12" blades on this saw and it has been cutting perfectly ever since, with no deviation (exact 50/50 split down the centre).

Discoverer® Manual Core Saw Testimonials

WCB Resources

Hi Sean.

We originally purchased a Core saw from ‘Xxxxx’ for our operation in PNG. It turned out to be unsuitable for broken and fractured rock. The Dynosaw was then purchased and shipped to PNG and has operated without any issue in a tough terrain since 2014. We prefer the Dynosaw.

- WCB Resources

# Note Dynosaw brand has been superseded by the Discoverer Brand, nothing changes about the build quality or manufacture process.

Mt Carlton Mine, Evolution Mining

G’day Sean,

Saw is doing the job well for us. No issues with it and has been continuous cutting since we got it a few months ago.

- Mt Carlton Mine, Evolution Mining

Discoverer® Core Tray Testimonials

Exco Resources

To Whom It May Concern, my name is ‘Xxxxx’ & I am currently the Field Supervisor for a mineral exploration company in Cloncurry Western Queensland, I have been involved within this industry for more than 25+ years.

The discover core tray is far and away the best core tray available on the current market, its stack ability, it’s ease of handling & its ability to be able to withstand severe heat temps 43+ Celsius in summer, (we have trays that have been sitting in our core yard for 10+ years & still show good condition)

I have used many trays over the course of my years working out here and these are the ones I always recommend.

Exco Resources

Swick Mining Services Ltd

Hey Curt,

I have worked at a few sites in my time in the drilling industry and I have mainly used the Aluminium core trays (7 and 8 slot trays) but after using the plastic core trays on a few sites, these seem to be the better ones on the market.

Pretty much they are all very similar but after seeing the new Disco 3 tray, this has to be up there with the most easiest and user friendly. The issue with most of the plastic trays on the market are they aren’t deep enough and when drilling broken core, this tends to get caught on the top tray and core goes everywhere.

But it looks like you guys have solved that issue with making the slots a bit deeper which is exactly what we require. Also the Disco 3 trays are easy to slide and lock into each other which is also good for the boys when loading core.

All in all, I think the new trays are a winner. Hope this feedback helps.

Perilya Broken Hill Ltd

G’Day Sean, I can safely tell you mate that in my 10 years experience the discoverer core tray is the best tray Ive used by a fair margin

I’ve had metal trays that store more core but get red hot in summer and a very hard to grip and Ive had 2 or 3 other brands of core trays that just cant handle the harsh conditions of the Australian outback.

These trays will lose their shape & soften in the middle to a point where it looks like the core is about to fall out the bottom.

Not so with the discoverer. These trays have never shown any sign of warping and have always maintained the exact same shape as were received. And considering the temp in Summer in Broken Hill can reach 40 plus degrees for 2 straight weeks and that most of the time the trays are in direct sunlight with no shade, I would recommend them to anyone.

All the best
- Perilya Broken Hill Ltd

Blackham Resources Limited

Hi Curt,

Feedback from our drillers re the new trays is they prefer them compared to others as they are much easier to pick up and move about.

Thundelarra Ltd

Hi Curt,

I have a larger order for you, we would like to have it ready for collection on Monday if possible:


By the way, switching to the series 3 HQ trays was a great move! They are so easy to handle compare to the series 2. Fieldies and diamond drillers approved!

Independence Jaguar Pty Ltd

Hi Curt,

All of the features added have been so well thought out on the Discoverer Series 3 Tray. The extra depth has a marked difference when stacking the trays, as it allows the space required for any broken/protruding core pieces. When we used to use shallower trays, during stacking it was possible to damage the core and the trays when it protruded, as well as making the stacked core unstable. The Series 3 tray has addressed this problem for us. The extra depth has not had any negative impact on being able to retrieve the core from the tray, with the drainage channels and curved profile along the bottom of the tray making it easier than ever to lift core out.

- Independence Jaguar Pty Ltd

Independence Jaguar Pty Ltd

Hi Curt,

The Discoverer 3 trays have been very well received by the core yard staff and the drillers. The flat bottom makes it much easier to move the trays on our roller racks, compared to the previous brand of plastic tray that we were using, and having the handle around the entire tray makes it much easier to vary your grip when lifting and moving the core. They also stack well, having the extra depth for broken core. All in all, Dynamic G-Ex have supplied a superior product for a negligible price difference to what we were using previously.

Kind Regards
Independence Jaguar Pty Ltd

Metals X Group | Nifty Copper Ops

Hi John,

We were looking for a reliable supply of well-engineered core trays when we tried Discoverer 3. Our geologists were wary of how the black trays would work given a significant portion of our rock is black shale but we found that the black tray gave us a great contrast when the core was photographed. The trays have performed well and are competitively priced. We will continue to use Discoverer 3 core trays in the foreseeable future.

Aurelia Metals

The Discoverer Series 3 Core Trays flat bottom makes for ease of handling especially on the roller racking at any direction or angle, much more friendly to handle overall. The main benefit of this was the core doesn’t move, disturbing our core orientation, so the logging time is greatly reduced and eliminates logging errors. 360 degree grip bar gives variance when tray handling in difficult, sticky situations. The amount of drainage holes help the wet core dry quickly, especially when the core is stored over time which saves the life of the core for future reference. The plastic core blocks stay where they are put and don’t move or bounce around.

Round Oak Minerals

Used both plastic and metal trays... always would prefer plastic over metal ( hand cuts and stacking... metal is dangerous).

The best feature of your trays are the completely flat bottoms, they roll on roller racks, and slide on drill rod racks. Also because they flat, the weight distribution over time is spread more evenly, rather than over small points, so the plastics are less stress and last longer. Anyone who says metal will last longer hasn't had to relay thousands of metres of core that is ten years old and falling out the bottom of the tray because of corrosion ( what a nightmare).

They also stack better than other plastic trays i have used,. the measuring increments on the side make for easy visual estimates, Love this product.

Wooden Survey Stakes Testimonial


We have recently switched over to Dynamics to supply our wooden stakes after briefly trialling them at site. The quality was immediately noticeable, and we found that the withstood the rigours of open cut mining perfectly, particularly in hard rock. Our previous supply of pegs were evidently cheaper, however, with up to 50% of them breaking when used, it was obvious that cheaper isn’t always better, especially when you’re throwing half of them away.  We have factored this in, and with the price only being marginally more, it made sense to pay a little more for a product that was far superior and in the long run actually more cost effective.

Below are some, snaps of the pegs we were using previously. In this particular photo, out of the 50 pegs we had to use almost all of them snapped, splintered or shattered to pieces when knocked in.

Steel Drum Testimonial

Novo Resources Corp

Hi Curt,

There is really no comparison.

The drums from ‘Xxxxx’ are fruit juice drums from Mexico.

They are made of an alloy not much steel, they bend very easily. We were using them for rock samples and by the time you were ¾ full it would be starting to warp. This made it difficult to secure the lids.

The shape of the drum was wider at the top than the bottom so they were very easy to tip over once full, a real pain because once you try and move them all the strapping would come loose. The lids are that weak you could not tighten the strapping around the top of the lid much or it would warp and pop your lids.

I suppose it all depends on what you want to put in these drums but I think the whole design is wrong.

Discoverer® Core Guides Testimonials

Field Logistics Coordinator, Northern Star Resources

We have recently swapped to the Discoverer Core boats and have had a very positive outcome with the boat lasting a lot longer than the previous ones we had been using. I have now been using the Discoverer Core boat for just over 4 weeks and it still looks like new, with no damage at all. Previously I was buying new boats every 4 weeks!