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‘A global industry leading innovative supplier with passionate staff that delivers premium products to the world in our own unique way so our business partners can develop their business to its full potential’


Why we exist?

Geologist make our world operate. We make Geologists life easier.

Dynamics G-Ex is growing out of one simple belief; Geologist should spend more time in the field – what they love; and less time behind their desks. For as long as we can remember the great predicament the world of mining has had is that highly trained, specialist individuals are spending hours a day in roles they’ve been roped into that they neither specialise in nor provides them the fulfilment everyone needs from what they truly grew up to become. Today so much responsibility lies with our Geologist’s in literally making our world operate; from the copper, gold, silver used in our estimated 7 billion mobile phones right to the estimated 1.2 billion cars on the road today in which the iron ore we mine is used to make the steel bodies. So now we understand how critical the work our Geo’s undertake every day!

So let’s talk about our Geo’s who have the inbuilt desire to spend their days in our great outdoors we’ve been gifted with, searching and exploring for that next big deposit that turns the heads of thousands and continues to allow the world we operate in today to still function well into the future. Our Geologists have a highly critical role to play in this world and Dynamics believe in getting our loved Geo’s from behind their desks, out of their offices and to get out there and explore for the next big discovery!


What we believe

We believe in fulfilling our responsibility absolutely, whilst operating in a fun loving environment.

We are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with our team. Together we are working towards a culture where our people wake up each day inspired to come to work and return home at the end of the day fulfilled by the work they do. We operate in an environment that’s demanding, high pressured, and has high expectations whilst being encompassed by a welcoming, fun and family atmosphere.

Our quest is partner with companies who have the same founding beliefs. Every day our team wakes up to try and make our customer’s lives easier and give them more of what they love to do. All our people are dedicated in caring for our customers and taking ownership of the situations they find themselves in to look after their every whim and fancy with speed and dedication that makes every customer feel wanted. Keep us to that!

We believe in building a better place to work, meaning our employees are more engaged, having fun and loving what they do, as that’s the way our customers will experience the very best there is to offer. Every day we appreciate the opportunity geologists give us to work for them, it’s an honour.

Great Culture = Great People & Passion

Triple Road Train delivering 108 of our Unique Dyna-Store Core Storage units.