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Discoverer® Series 1 Recycled Plastic Core Trays | The Original

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The Discoverer® Series 1 range of core trays/core boxes is the original design, and the first plastic core tray on the market in 1993. This robust design is still preferred by some geologists and fieldies today. This is the simplest design tray within the Discoverer® range, and we have clients in Mt Isa that still have this original core tray in pristine condition, protecting their valuable archive core today. So, since 1993 Discoverer's reputation started with this wonderful, Series 1 core tray, and we've been protecting your core sample assets ever since!

The Series 1 is the only core box in the Discoverer® range to feature in BQ size, as well as the standard NQ, HQ & PQ sizes. We do offer free samples to test our range of Discoverer Trays so you can make the choice of which Series suits your needs.

  • Built in Handles on both ends of the trays provide safe and easy use when handling.
  • Non-magentic and chemically inert, so no interference when logging and analysising core samples.
  • Full Depth Channel height ensures the core sits below the ribbing, giving greater stability when stacking.
  • Drainage holes throughout, helping your core to dry out and to remain stored in premium condition.
  • Built in ID Tag area and optional Tags provide for a permanent record of contents.
  • Manufactured from the highest UV stabilized polypropylene available, giving excellent longevity, durability and peace of mind.

Product Dimensions & Weights:
NQ Series 1 OD: 1065L x 385W x 65mmH
Channel Diameter: 52.5mm
Core Capacity: 5 metres
Weight: 2.2kgs
Pallet Qty: Truck - 117
Standard Container - 120 
High Cube Container - 135 

BQ Series 1 OD: 1065L x 385W x 60mmH
Channel Diameter: 38mm
Core Capacity: 7 metres
Empty Weight: 2.2kgs
Pallet Qty: Truck - 129
Standard Container - 129
High Cube Container - 150

HQ Series 1 OD: 1065L x 385W x 84mmH
Channel Diameter: 65mm
Core Capacity: 4 metres
Weight: 2.3kgs
Pallet Qty: Truck - 87
Standard Container - 90
High Cube Container 102

PQ Series 1 OD: 1065L x 385W x 107mmH
Channel Diameter: 86.5mm
Core Capacity: 3 metres
Weight: 2.3kgs
Pallet Qty: Truck - 66
Standard Container - 66
High Cube Container - 78


Discoverer® Core Tray Comparison Video

Check out the entire Discoverer range to make sure you are using the core tray that's best suited to your needs.

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty applies when Core Trays are used as intended, which is for storing, transporting, logging of core and being structurally sound. Excludes Core Trays being emptied and reused time after time.

Code Available sizes Unit Ctn Qty Stock status Choose size
PLACTS1N4 Plastic Discoverer ® 1 Core Tray Size NQ/NQ2, 117/Pallet EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
PLACTS1B3 Plastic Discoverer ® 1 Core Tray Size BQ, 129/Pallet EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
PLACTS1H2 Plastic Discoverer ® 1 Core Tray Size HQ, 87/Pallet EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote
PLACTS1P1 Plastic Discoverer ® 1 Core Tray Size PQ, 66/Pallet EACH 1 In stock Add To Quote

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