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Do your core trays last as long as the life of your mine?

Stacks of plastic core trays under the heat of the sun

Australian Government legislation and The Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves (‘the JORC Code’) require all mining companies to hold their drill records for the life of the mine.

For mining operations to remain compliant with these record-keeping requirements, the Core Trays that hold these core samples need to not only survive for that period of time, but be able to preserve the integrity of their payload over an extended timespan – often while contending with harsh conditions.

Besides being indispensable for the storage and transport of core samples, core trays have the important task of protecting core samples at mining and exploration sites throughout the lifetime of operations. However, they can only fulfill this role if they maintain their own structural integrity.

With the legal and code requirements mandating that core samples need to be kept for an extended amount of time, it’s essential that your team is using core trays that can last.

Core trays that resist the elements

The major challenge your core trays will come up against is the direct impact of the typical conditions and harsh weather experienced at a mining site.

The Discoverer® Core Tray Range is made from a UV stabilised virgin polymer, and strengthened with an innovative cross bracing design. This ensures their long-term structural reliability by ensuring that the tray doesn’t break down when left outdoors, particular in extremely hot and humid areas where the sun’s UV rays have heavy penetration.

The longer your core trays remain sound against these conditions, the better protection they offer your core samples.

A solid history of longevity

Discoverer® Core Trays were the first plastic core trays to be produced globally in 1993, and the core trays that were issued back then are still being used today in storage outdoors in Mt Isa, Australia, all in great condition.

This means that these are the only core trays in existence with a proven track record of integrity for this duration of time.

Why is this important?

There have been historical case studies showing international mines having to discard their core records due to their core trays not being able to withstand the prevailing external weather conditions.

The cost of failing core trays can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars, due first to the initial expense of the drill-program going to waste, and then the additional cost of re-drilling to obtain the samples a second time when they are required.

Other than regulation compliance, ensuring the integrity of core samples is also important if a mine is put up for sale, as potential investors will always want to see and physically analyse previous drill records to ensure the validity of the written data and prove the value of the resource below the ground.

If those physical samples are no longer available due to poor quality core trays, the potential investor could walk away or reduce the offering for the mine.

What are the benefits of a quality core tray?

Both the mining team and the company can rest easy knowing that they are always going to meet Government Legislation and JORC compliance due to the durability and longevity of the raw material and structural soundness of the core trays they're using.

The Discoverer® Core Trays offer UV resistant polymer and the patented cross bracing feature, both of which ensure their robustness and strength throughout the entire length of time that the trays are required.

Inferior core trays not only run the risk of not lasting the right duration of time, but their flimsy structure can easily flex when loaded with anything beyond 45kg worth of core, causing potential occupational health and safety issues if the core was to tip out of the tray.

What should you do?

The strength and structural integrity of your core trays play a very important role in saving serious resources over the long term, including funds, labour and time.

To order a free Discoverer® Plastic Core Tray sample or organise a quote, reach out to our team today on 1800 105 584 or customerservice@dynamicsgex.com.au. We will be happy to discuss your needs and help you choose the best products for your specific requirements.


ProFab™ Superior Pre-Numbered Calico 200x300mm (8’x12”), 1000/CTN

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