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Who Is The Best Geological Field Equipment Supply Company For You?

geological compasses

Your incumbent Geo Supplier - they've been good and never done the wrong thing by you, right?

Why bother looking or even considering changing?

We respect your choice and your long standing relationships, and wanted to discuss the industry as a whole in a little detail.

It isn't that anyone has made a bad choice or a good choice, sometimes it's more of the case of an 'only choice'.

And pre-2011 that's what the geological supplies market was.

Dynamics entered the fray in November 2011. 

But this didn't mean we were the answer to everyone's prayers. In fact, we aren't, so why is that?

So let's go back a few years...

What the Industry Looked Like

  1. East and West Coast of Australia had supplier monopolies. You had 2 choices.
  2. You had relied on the same plastic core trays for over 15 years. 
  3. You were dealing with the oldest geo supply companies in the world.

No new supplier had entered the market for 20+ years, so why bother changing anything?

Let's explore why you shouldn't change.

Who is Dynamics NOT a good fit for?

  1. You want to stick to who you've always used. You know them and trust them.
  2. You are perfectly happy with the core trays you've always used.
  3. You prefer to deal with the oldest suppliers in the industry.
  4. 24-hour quotes and email responses are good enough for you, and getting them faster  isn't important.

Who could Dynamics be a good fit for?

So as the underdogs, against the industry big boys, we wanted to offer you something different.

In the words of Robert Glazer:

"Industries without competition become monopolies. Monopolies don't innovate; they become complacent and only do the minimum they need to get by. It's only when new competitors come in that the incumbent players wake up."

  1. Dynamics is an option; you can spread your supply chain risk.
  2. You prefer to be smart about your procurement and buy value for money. You can see value in products with 2-3 times the life cycle. 
  3. You are interested in trying a plastic core tray that uses Smart Technology to eliminate tedious downstream processes.
  4. You like supporting a flexible, fast-moving supplier, with whom you can build a relationship with the Owners, have your own Geological Product Specialist and a team of Customer Happiness Officers serving you.
  5. You'd prefer a supplier who continuously innovate, giving you the most environmentally sustainable or technologically advanced geo consumables to make your job easier everyday.
  6. You would love to live-chat or get email responses and quotes within 4-6 business hours. More time in the field, less behind the desk.
  7. You'd like to talk to a Geological Product Specialist who can understand your needs deeply, talk you through solutions to your biggest problems on site, and help take you into the future.

The end... or a new beginning?

We believe competition is about elevating your own game - practicing, getting better and giving maximum effort.

It's not about winning at all costs or wishing failure on others.

If we think you'll be better served by our competition, we'll honestly say so!

Great competitors make those around them better by helping set a higher bar.

That's what we want to do through our innovation that's been lacking in the industry for decades!

Through Dynamics' passionate drive for excellence in industry innovation, we have seen a rise in innovations from our competitors - giving you the power to choose.

The company is constantly delivering new product innovations, and then a few months later our competition is following suit.

Without someone to lead this charge over the years it's been dead, and that's not helping out fellow Geologists or Fieldies, who we've been born to serve.

The slumbering innovation giant is groaning and rising from the dust; we're living in exciting times and more excitement lies ahead.

To see the latest innovations, watch the videos here.


Have any more questions about our discussion today or maybe you'd like to know more about what we do here in Dynamics? Leave them for us in the comments and we will answer them as soon as possible!



P.S. Have you heard about the GeoImpact Club?

The club is passionate about promoting the work of Geology Teams from the belief they hold the world's most impactful job.

The GeoImpact Club envisions a world where society at large recognizes the profound positive impact in which Geology Teams have on humanity.

Think of the other important roles in the world -- medical staff, military, emergency workers, teachers, farmers, scientists. A Geologist's job is the means by which these other jobs can function. The earth’s resources that Geologists discover make the tools and equipment to save lives, protect our freedom, grow our food and develop our world.

Not enough people, especially young people, realise how impactful a Geologist's job is. It’s our responsibility to make them aware and invite them to embark on a career in Geology. GeoImpact is an inclusive club that believes in and preaches this vision and it is our privilege to promote, grow and develop with them. Follow us today!


ProFab™ Superior Pre-Numbered Calico 200x300mm (8’x12”), 1000/CTN

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